9 Great Destinations to Visit as a Couple

Traveling with your significant other is one of the best ways to really enhance your relationship. Away from the stresses of every day life, the two of you can spend some quality time together – an essential factor for a successful relationship.

Indeed, is there anything better than getting away from work with the one you love? Whether it’s a summer holiday, anniversary trip or honeymoon, simply being abroad together is a magical and special experience. If you decide on the anniversary option take a look here for some more cute ideas to make it as memorable as possible.

Now you’ve decided you want to go away somewhere with your significant other, the question remains: where on earth do you go? Take a look at our ideal couples destinations.

Sri Lanka

When it comes to couples destinations, Sri Lanka reigns supreme. It might be an over-used cliché to describe a country as having ‘something for everyone’ but Sri Lanka really does. From the golden beaches on the South and West coasts to the lush, green highlands there is literally nothing not to love about this beautiful island.

Popular activities in Sri Lanka include elephant safaris in the numerous national parks, hiking in the highlands and visiting some of the country’s UNESCO sites. Sigiriya Rock, Dambulla and Adam’s Peak are all UNESCO World Heritage sites and are well worth a visit. There are also plenty of luxurious couples resorts for you to stay in so your trip can as extravagant as it is exotic.


Steeped in the ancient mysteries of the Incas, Peru is a great destination for couples that appreciate the great outdoors and history. The country is peppered with ancient ruins that are easy to explore and offer an insight into the ancient civilizations that ruled in bygone days.

Naturally, Peru’s pride and joy is Machu Picchu, but there are plenty of other highlights for couples to enjoy. These include Colca Canyon, the sand dunes Huacachina and the jungle in Iquitos.


For those who have an adventurous streak, Kenya can be the perfect couples destination. With a very realistic chance of seeing the famed Big 5, safaris in Kenya are the number one activity for travelers. After a day of driving around in search for animals, couples can retire to the comfort of a lavish safari lodge for a sundowner and a spot of stargazing.


Few places on earth are quite as romantic as Italy. Couples who travel here are guaranteed an unforgettable experience from the beginning until the end of the vacation. Highlights of a trip to Italy include the gorgeous beaches and houses of Cinque Terre; the historical wonders of Rome; and the magical canals that wind through Venice.

Of course, it would be a crime to write about how amazing Italy is without mentioning the food. There is a good reason why Italian food is the most popular cuisine in the world. It is utterly divine. Be prepared for a pizza and pasta overload while you holiday in Italy.


Blessed with sunshine virtually the whole year round, Australia is a hotspot for sun-loving couples. While most people tend to stick to the big cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, there is plenty of fun to be found in more rural areas as well. Whilst here, you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at surfing and snorkeling around the Great Barrier Reef (or lying on the beach if that’s more to your liking).


Canadians are known for being the friendliest people on the planet so you can expect big smiles and warm welcomes if you decide that Canada is your perfect couples destination. Depending on which time of the year you visit, your activity options will be different. In winter head up to Banff and Lake Louise for some skiing or to Montreal for ice skating. In summer, Prince Edward Island and Vancouver make great spots for beach-outings and hikes in the sun.


Despite its rather turbulent past, Colombia is back on the map and is one of the most up and coming travel destinations in the world. Couples can enjoy long walks through the beautiful highlands of the coffee region or a camping excursion on the sublime beaches of Tayrona National Park.

For those looking for a bit of action, Medellin, Cartagena and Bogota are all lively cities with plenty of culture to discover. Check out some of the fantastic museums and galleries or take a stroll through the central plazas for a taste of the city’s history.


When it comes to natural beauty, nowhere can compete with Iceland. Known as the land of ice and fire, Iceland features breath-taking geysers and lagoons as well as staggering glaciers that can be explored on foot. There are even black sand beaches that travelers can visit (although it may well be too cold to go for a dip!)

While Iceland offers a whole range of different attractions for visitors, the gem in its crown is the Northern Lights. Seeing the Northern Lights from the comfort of a glass igloo or from a lookout in the rugged wilderness is a once in a lifetime experience.


You’ve probably heard of Bali, but did you know that that is just one of around 18,000 islands that make up Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia is made up of so many islands it isn’t entirely sure what the exact number is!

Couples who define themselves as animal lovers would be crazy to miss the chance to go to Komodo Island. Here, Komodo dragons roam wild and free across the island. Those who prefer flora to fauna can check out the rice paddies in Ubud or the glorious beaches in Lombok.

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