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Best beer and beer reviews from around the world

Love craft, boutique and world beers? John brings you the best beer from around the world.

Welcome to a journey of discovery in the wonderful beer of Amsterdam.

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hell hunt tallinn

Tallinn On Tap: Let There Be Beer

by John on October 24, 2012

A trip to Estonia wouldn’t be complete without visiting the microbreweries in Tallinn.

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Prykmestar Vehna

Finland: The Land Of Fine Beer

by John on October 12, 2012

Finland is a country that has its own unique identity and this was evident in the beers I had the pleasure to delve into.

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The craft beer on offer in Norway is both plentiful and diverse. Here are some of the best beers of Scandinavia that I’ve tried so far.

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Today we join a virtual dinner party and we’ve selected three favourite beers for the occasion.

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Bungas needed some time away from Perth and what better way to relax than visit the microbreweries in the South West?

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After eleven months of trying various beers, Bungas reflects on 2011 with one final entry.

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The Dark Side of Czech Republic

by John on November 24, 2011

Eleven years ago, I had a particularly unpleasant experience in Prague. It was time to visit the dark side again.

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