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Inspiring Travellers reaches a target audience of educated travellers and expats who are passionate about global destinations. This website is regularly ranked within the lists of ‘Top 50′ and ‘Top 100′ travel blogs and has been featured on the sites of popular travel communities like

John and Andrea Spirov have been travelling the world for over 14 years and live as expats when they are not on the road. The readers of Inspiring Travellers receive constant insight, information and photographs from this couple’s nomadic experiences.

Andrea has a Masters degree in Media and Communications, with a special focus in online media. She is a trained journalist and brings her specialized experience and knowledge to all of the blog’s content. Our advertisers can count on her expertise when organizing a targeted campaign as she has also worked on the creative side of the advertising industry for agencies in New York City and Melbourne, Australia, as well as in-house on marketing and communications projects for several established companies.

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*Just a reminder that all photos on are copyright and the property of Geert Leysen. Their use is strictly prohibited unless a payment arrangement has been made with us. Should you wish to purchase a high-resolution image or smaller file sizes for editorial or commercial use, you must contact us via email: sales [AT] inspiringtravellers  [DOT] com. Some work is available on Zenfolio for immediate payment and download, contact us for others.

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