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a guide for expats, lovers and the otherwise curious

The ultimate eBook for moving to Australia

2nd edition – published 12 September, 2010

Are you interested in moving to Australia? Do you want to know all about the process of relocating from someone who’s successfully done it? Are you curious about this beautiful, interesting country and its people?

Packed with helpful resources, anecdotes and advice, this eBook is an excellent guide to those seeking information about migration to Australia. Whether you want to work in Australia long-term or just have a working holiday in Australia, this book will assist you with all aspects of your journey. It will be especially helpful for those emigrating to Australia as a spouse, as the author recounts her experience from applying for the partner visa to becoming a citizen. All Australian visas are also outlined, such as skilled immigration visas, student visas and visas for those who have already found jobs in Australia.

‘Moving to Australia’ covers everything from packing up your current home to finances to health cover to meeting people in Australia. It is a guide to making a successful transition to becoming an expat in Australia. It’s also a great read for those who are just curious about the land Down Under or who have already arrived in Australia and need some help navigating. Whether you’re planning a permanent move to Australia or just a short-term relocation, this book will help you figure it all out.

An American expat who has lived in Australia for six years and is the wife of an Australian, the author has worked and studied in Australia, lived in two different states and eventually became a citizen. A media and communications specialist by trade, she also has significant personal experience relocating to large cities around the world. So you’ll be learning all about moving to Australia from someone who has successfully done it.

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What are readers saying about Moving to Australia: a Guide for Expats, Lovers and the Otherwise Curious?

“I’m so glad I stumbled across this book before my fiancée and I made the move from the UK to Australia. It’s packed full of useful, relevant and easy to understand information that would otherwise have been impossible to find. Not only was the book an invaluable source of information in the months leading up to emigrating – it has continued to be useful even now we’ve settled into our new lives. If you’re looking for an honest, firsthand account of the emotional and technical in’s-and-out’s of moving abroad…this is definitely worth a read!” - Pete U.

“Not only did your book provide vital information and insights, it also gave me the courage and confidence to find a way to be with the person I love. Moving to a different country (let alone continent) is a daunting prospect; it’s very comforting to read someone else’s success story from a similar situation.” – Stephanie G.

Why an eBook? Five great reasons:

1. It’s portable. You can read it on your laptop, iPad or Kindle.
2. You can easily click through to helpful websites in the book’s resource sections.
3. It’s environmentally friendly.
4. You can download it right now – no need to wait for shipping.
5. You’ll receive updates to the manuscript for free via email. You essentially receive a lifetime membership to the book


*BUY* A4-sized PDF: 290 pages, 2nd edition – published 12 September, 2010 

*BUY* Letter-sized PDF: 305 pages, 2nd edition – published 12 September, 2010

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