Sidewalks and Canals of Amsterdam

March 20, 2012

This is a continuation of my Amsterdam springtime photo essay.
amsterdam cyclists canals of amsterdam old amsterdam coffee shop canals in amsterdam night canals in amsterdam lights 2 the loo amsterdam public toilets canals in amsterdam night

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  • Laura

    Oh, Amsterdam!

  • Lisa

    Enjoy your time in Amsterdam. I loved my visits there and hope to return someday. 

    • Andrea and John

      Thanks, Lisa – plenty to see there – hope you get to go back soon! =)

  • Ellen & Justin

    Excellent photos. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but this makes it look very inviting!

    • Andrea and John

      Definitely worth a look – a fun, quirky city =)

  • Yvonne

    Oh I love Amsterdam, been there about ten years ago… and just today I got an invitation for a weekend there in June… yay! 😀 and your pictures make me even more excited about this trip!

    • Andrea and John

      How exciting, Yvonne! So glad these have made a nice preview for you. Have a great time when you visit!

  • Laurel

    Beautiful photos, I really need to get to Amsterdam.

    • Andrea and John

      You definitely do – you’re so close! =)

  • Sophie

    I once saw photos from Amsterdam of the mid-20th century. It looks much the same today… the canals, the boats, the bikes, the little shops… – I love how history is so alive here.

    • Andrea and John

      I can only imagine – would love to see those. The buildings seem so perfectly preserved and have such a unique style that I’m sure it does look just the same. Was noticing all the modern buildings on the way to the airport today – outside of the tourist centre, of course. Glad they kept it that way!

  • BuzzTrips

    An excellent study of Amsterdam. Just look at that palette of Dutch colours – you can see Van Gogh in that sunken boat on the canal :) Great memories of a charismatic city.

    • Andrea and John

      Such a lovely compliment, thank you so much! =)

  • Andi Perullo

    I love these shots! But I want to see one of YOU!!!

    • Andrea and John

      I know! I’m terrible at handing over the new camera to John, haha. Have plenty of nice portrait shots of him if you like, though =)

  • Peter Heck

    Love Amsterdam.  Really like your B&W shots, but that one of the rowboat I think is my favorite.

    • Andrea and John

      Thanks so much, Pete! We’ll all have to meet up there sometime =)

  • Ali

    I love the photos! The one of the flowers on the bike basket is cute. Amsterdam is getting higher on my list, thanks to your photos!

    • Andrea and John

      That’s awesome – thanks so much, Ali! =)

  • TheEpicAdventurer

    Lovely, lovely photographs!  Thanks so much for sharing them!

    • Andrea and John

      Thank you so much! =)

  • Randy Kalp

    Nice work on both photo essays! I really enjoyed living vicariously through your pics. :)

    • Andrea and John

      Thanks, Randy! We had a lot of fun walking around in Amsterdam’s lovely weather and taking them =)

  • Alexa– 52 PerfectDays

    The tree with yellow leaves made my heart melt. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city. And your photos keep getting better and better!

    • Andrea and John

      Thank you so much, Alexa – so sweet! =)

  • Danielroyse

    Hey John and Andrea, Great site!  Keep it
    up, Let us know if you ever feel like doing guest post.  We’re always looking for new writers.
    Thanks! D

  • Andrea and John

    Thanks so much, D! We’re completely swamped with our move to Norway at the moment but will keep it in mind for future. Thanks so much for the offer =)

  • emilyinchile

    I want to go, it all looks so amazing!

    • Andrea and John

      Do it!! And then come visit us 😉

  • Bret @ Green Global Travel

    Lovely photos (as always), guys! It’s nice to be reminded occasionally that Amsterdam is about more than head shops and the red light district. Not that there’s anything wrong with head shops and the red light district… 

    • Andrea and John

      Thanks so much, Bret! Yeah, no photos allowed in the red light and I try to respect the privacy of those in the coffee shops as well so no photos there – but I definitely feel like those two things are a huge part of Amsterdam too!

  • Jade –

    Beautiful! All of Europe is so beautiful in the Spring! I miss it!

    • inspiringtravellers

      I love Europe any time of the year but you’re right, Jade, it really turns it on in the Springtime =)

  • cheryl

    Ahhhhh Amsterdam! I miss it so and cannot wait to return. As always, beautiful pictures. :)

    • inspiringtravellers

      Thanks so much, Cheryl! We should all go together sometime =)

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