green Singapore

Scenes From Singapore (Part 1)

On our way to Norway we stopped in Singapore. I hadn't visited since 2001 when I spent a summer with my father when he was working there. It had changed and grown quite a bit since then but in most ways was still just the same.

green Singapore

Green. Such manicured foliage and not a speck of trash on the ground.

singapore buildings

Tall. Standing in the CBD gives a big-city feel.

smrt singapore

The fast, efficient SMRT train network.

singapore food

Food. Everywhere.

chinatown Singapore

Hectic. Singapore is densely populated with over five million people in just over 700 sq kms of space.

wealth ushering catsingapore crabs

singapore indoor skatingsingapore fine sign durian

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Ivy @ Pathway to Asia
Ivy @ Pathway to Asia

Stunning photos! 🙂 Especially the first one which caught my attention. I’ve noticed in the first photo that there is not a single piece of trash which is of course, very fascinating. Even their shopping stalls have no trashes too!

My aunt, who’s been working there said that Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world. Goes to show the people there are very disciplined. And I bet the foods there are very delicious. I’m planning to go to Singapore one day. 🙂


I love durians. 🙂

Inspiring Travellers

I’m always in awe of how clean Singapore is as well. They fine litterers heavily so that could help explain it. The food is excellent!


glad to see yall post this! im heading there saturday and these images excite me!

Emily Wachelka

hahaha that “no durians” sign cracks me up!!


These pics made me a bit nostalgic for Singapore. Then I remembered how damn hot the place is. I used to have sweat dripping off the end of my nose standing still at the bus stop at 7am. We won’t live there again, but we will visit!

Geert @ Inspiring Travellers

It’s so true – you don’t really feel the heat there except for how much you sweat – I can’t stand it – even my face was sweating walking around there. So much humidity!

Laura and Claire

Nice photos! Singapore is so colorful!

Geert @ Inspiring Travellers

Thanks, Laura and Claire! It definitely is =)

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