Travel Often Means No Pets…

April 16, 2012

fluffy cat norway

John and I always talk about getting a couple of dogs and a cat someday, but our nomadic lifestyles have kept us pet-free for years.

Thank goodness our neighbours have them!

mr whiskers fluffy cat

We LOVE animals. And apparently the Norwegians do too – there is no dearth of dogs, cats and pet shops in Stavanger. But we mostly come in contact with the neighbourhood kitties, who all seem to live outdoors and have the fluffiest bodies we’ve ever seen.

Meet Mrs. Whiskers (or just ‘W’ as we’ve come to know her)

fluffy cat norwayShe lives right next door. We’ve sort of ‘adopted’ her since the Easter holidays when her family was out of town and she hung out in our yard for awhile. She’s very friendly for a cat and loves attention. Apparently the crawlspace under our deck is her hideout place when it rains or hails and she can’t get back to her own front porch.

Do you have or want a pet? How have your travels affected this?

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45 Comments on "Travel Often Means No Pets…"

1 year 2 months ago

Gorgeous cat! Too bad my neighbours don’t have such cute cats.

3 years 5 months ago

My friend Amanda also travels a lot and decided against getting a dog because of that. But she will sometimes petshare (like timeshare…) her friends’ dogs so she can have a pet for a few days.

3 years 5 months ago

Petshare – that’s so cute! Wish we had friends nearby with pets we could furbaby-sit =)

3 years 5 months ago

I love it that you have already made a pet friend. That is a pretty nice sized cat, and you’re right it has a lot of fur. I’m sure it was enjoying the extra love.

3 years 5 months ago

We think so too – he always hangs around now. I just have to open the door and he’ll come darting around the corner to say hello. John likes having an extra creature to greet him when he comes home from work too, haha. Best cat ever!

3 years 5 months ago

Serndipity – I´ve just posted on pets/travel/adoption myself. So intrigued at how your time in Norway is going to turn out!

3 years 5 months ago

This is the same reason we don’t have any pets yet either. We often spend entire years away from home, and travelling with a pet would be extremely difficult and not fair to the pet. I’ve managed to get my dose of cuteness though by volunteering at humane societies if I’m in one location for long enough. Otherwise, it’s all about meeting the local cats! Oh and a donkey once in Italy!

3 years 5 months ago

That’s a great idea, Mel! I never even thought of that – didn’t know they accept volunteers, actually. We once visited the open day of a society that trains the seeing-eye labradors in Melbourne – darling! If I ever had a year where I could be a “puppy-raiser” for them I would have loved it – they’re so cute…

3 years 5 months ago

Being a puppy raiser would be so fun! They are very cute. Yes, a lot of humane societies accept volunteers. In fact, some are in desperate need of people who are willing to give their time to help out and plan with the animals. It’s really hard not to get attached, though! I’ve been lucky to see a lot of them adopted.


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