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10 Things To Do In Bordeaux Besides Drink Wine

You can't drink wine all day every day during your stay in Bordeaux. Okay, maybe you can, but be sure to take a wander around town in between sips. Here are some activities to keep you busy.

Explore the Old Town

Vieux Bordeaux is both beautiful and historical, with grand squares, fountains, statues, bridges, churches and bell towers. Grab your camera and just get lost there.

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Visit a Museum

Bordeaux has over 20 museums and galleries, covering art, history, carpentry, science, technology, wine and more. Some of them are quite small, but still worth a visit if you have a particular area of interest.

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Take a Cruise

Enjoy the views along the riverbanks from the Garonne River. It’s possible to have a lunch cruise, visit a vineyard or just enjoy the beautiful facades of Bordeaux in a relaxing way. The Bordeaux Tourism Office lists several different cruise companies and can assist you in booking a journey based on your interests.

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See the Grand Théâtre

Whether you take a tour or enjoy a show at this incredible theatre, this is a must-do on a visit to Bordeaux.

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Bordeaux is close to several important gourmet food producing regions and the city has a wide range of restaurants, brasseries and fine food shops. Be sure to try the Bordeaux specialties: foie gras, cepes, oysters, caviar, grilled meats and canelé cakes.


bordeaux market


You’ll find excellent shopping here and it can be less expensive than Paris. Whether your tastes lean towards the triangle of luxury shops in the Les Grandes Hommes district or you’d rather look for bargains at the Quaides Marques factory outlets. Bordeaux has something for you. Don’t miss the Cours de l’Intendance with its beautiful townhouses, luxury boutiques and fine food shops, or the Passage Sarget, which is a 19th century shopping arcade. Hit the Rue Notre Dame for antiques and bric-a-brac shops, or its Thursday morning organic market. The main food market is Le Marche des Capucins at Place des Capucins (every day except Monday).

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If you’re after interesting women’s fashion, I highly recommend a visit to Peppa Gallo (24, rue Vital Carles, for an authentic French shopping experience. The concierge at the Grand Hotel recommended it when I told him I was looking for clothes and it turned out to be the perfect place for me.

bordeaux shopping street

Visit St Emilion

This pretty World Heritage Site boasts interesting wines and a Monolithic Church. The most convenient way to visit is by taking a tourist bus from Bordeaux city. The train station is about a mile from the town and the stop can be difficult to find.

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Check Out a Market

If you’re in town on a weekend, do not miss the Sunday country market on the quays for a real local experience. There are organic food markets on the Rue Notre Dame Thursday mornings and at Place Meunier on Friday mornings.

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People Watch

Bordeaux is a lively, bustling city with plenty of outdoor cafés for relaxing and taking it all in. If you prefer a student atmosphere, stick to the areas around Place de la Victoire and on the quays. The Jardin Public is an English-style garden with plenty of places to walk and enjoy an experience with the locals.

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Hire a Bike

This is the perfect way to see the city of Bordeaux and there are plenty of options (see this great round-up from Experience France by Bike)

bordeaux bicycle

What do you like to do when you're not drinking wine in Bordeaux?

Special thanks to the Office de Tourisme de Bordeaux for their hospitality during our visit.

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8 years ago

I love the red wine from Bordeaux, it is so good but a bit expensive as well, especially the Saint Emilion one.

9 years ago

I have been to a little village near Bordeaux once for a two-week holiday. It was one of the best times of my life. Ironically all I did was ride a bike, fish, drink wine and eat the local culinary specials.

9 years ago
Reply to  Peter

Love it! Sounds like a dream holiday

10 years ago

What a beautiful place! Your pictures are amazing (they’re so clear!!)
I’ve had to postpone much of my traveling to take care of family, but I sure would love to visit Bordeaux 🙂 You have a lovely website.

10 years ago
Reply to  Terrie Exley

Thanks so much, Terrie – hope you make it there someday!

10 years ago

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place. This post is enough for me to put this region on my travel wish list, especially since there’s plenty of wine tasting, too.

10 years ago
Reply to  Jenna

Oh I’m so glad to hear that Jenna – you’ll love it!

10 years ago

Looks like a wonderful city! Hmmmm, love the look of the macaroons. I try and have some whenever I am in France.

10 years ago
Reply to  TammyOnTheMove

Aren’t they so lovely and tasty? I enjoy them too!

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