5 Fantastic Road Trips from Mumbai

The fast-paced life in the Mumbai city (Bombay for locals) can leave anyone craving for a break. The city of dreams never sleeps which often leaves Mumbaikars looking for a break. Moreover, is there anything better than a short road trip to any of the nearby destinations? The options available are endless and offer the much-needed relaxation to those stuck in their 9-5 job. Here we have prepared a list of 5 exotic road trip destinations from Mumbai. So, what are you waiting for? Keep packing your bags while you read this fantastic guide!

Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar

Though it takes good 5 hours to reach Mahabaleshwar by road from Mumbai, trust us, it’s all worth it. The amazing views on the way would surely make up for the long ride. The road to Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai is smooth and easy to cover barring the last few kilometers when you have to climb the hill. The major attractions include Wilson Sunrise Point, Venna Lake, and Needle Hole Point. If you are planning to make a stay here, make sure you book with any of the top hotels in Mahabaleshwar that offer rooms with the view of the beautiful Venna Lake.

Driving Distance - 5 h 1 min (231.2 km) via NH66

Mumbai to Lonavala

Considering the number of people visiting Lonavala every weekend, we can easily say it is the favourite vacation destination for Mumbaikars. So, make sure you have Lonavala on your list of road trips from Mumbai. Lonavala Lake, Tiger’s Leap, and Bushi Dam are the major attractions of this area. A round of Corn Pakoda and Chai should not be missed at the Tiger Point.

Driving Distance - 1 h 37 min (82.7 km) via Bangalore - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pandharpur Rd/Mumbai - Pune Hwy

Mumbai to Goa

Bollywood as already done a lot to increase tourism in Goa. So, if you are in Mumbai or live there and you haven’t explored the road towards Goa, you are missing on something big. The paddy fields, coconut palms and the breathtaking views of the surrounding area would leave you totally in awe! The stretches overlooking the sea would bring out the photographer in you, and we are sure you won’t be able to keep away your camera even for a minute. Kolhapur, Sankeshwar, and Satara are some of the places where you can take a halt for a small relaxation break.

Driving Distance - 10 h 5 min (591.3 km) via NH48

Mumbai to Alibaug

Another popular road trip option from Mumbai is Alibaug. Though it’s a popular destination for couples, it says pretty crowded with batches of friends and solo travellers as well. The magnificent view of the lovely beach and Kolaba Fort are surely not to be missed when in Alibaug. Though November to June is considered as the best time to visit Alibaug, there is no shortage of vacationers in other months as well.

If you are planning to make a stay here, check out popular travel websites to get your bookings done well in advance.

Driving Distance - 2 h 48 min (95.4 km) via NH66

Mumbai to Igatpuri

Appealing waterfalls, spectacular mountain views, and lush green vistas wait for you on your way to Igatpuri. Located at an easy driving distance from Mumbai, Igatpuri will give you thousands of memories to take back. Even if you wish to go back the same day, you will have enough time to explore all the attractions listed here. Popular attractions include the Ghatandevi Temple, Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre, and Bhandardara.

Driving Distance - 2 h 16 min (120.8 km) via NH160

Bags packed? Hit the road now!

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