Guest Post: 5 Lisbon Attractions You Might Not Have Come Across

The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is well known for its beautiful architecture, panoramic views and vibrant history – it’s actually one of the oldest cities in the world.  Lisbon short breaks offer you everything you need when looking for somewhere unique to stay in the region. Read on for our pick of the top five lesser known attractions in Lisbon.

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1. Market of Ribeira Nova

It is well worth checking out the lesser-known market of Ribeira Nova where you’ll find plenty of fresh local produce – a wide selection of fruit and vegetables are available, from apples, bananas and pears to more exotic flavours. Remember the quality of the local food here is excellent due to the mineral rich local soils and the heat, so be sure to take advantage!

You can also discover fresh fish, caught that day. Watch out for the catch of the day as it arrives in the mornings when the fishermen and their wives navigate the winding backstreets to deliver it to the market.

2. Quinta dos Loridos Estate

The oriental inspired gardens of the Quinta dos Loridos estate is one of Lisbon’s green oases. Set across 35 acres of land, the gardens are home to the Buddha’s of Banyan plus a lake filled with majestic KOI carp. If you take a journey to the estate check out the hand-painted terracotta soldiers – there are 700 of them dating back over 2,000 years!

 3. The secret beach of Portinho da Arrabida

If you’re seeking some privacy, then fear not!  Lisbon has some of the most secluded beaches on offer anywhere in Portugal. Head down to Portinho da Arrabida to experience white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters surrounded by luscious sand dunes.

If you’re the adventurous type there’s plenty to do once there including sailing, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkelling. Alternatively you could take a stroll, catch up on a book in the sun or just kick back and take a nap as the sounds of the ocean caress you to sleep!

 4. Lisbon Street Art

Lisbon has some of the best street art on offer worldwide and it is considered the home of graffiti within Portugal. There’s a chance to see giant, intricate murals the size of buildings covering the neighbourhood of Saldanha. Why not take a look at examples of art from local creatives as well as some of the more famous artists such as SAM3 and BLU?

5. Visit Parque Florestal de Monsanto

You’ll find Europe’s largest urban forest in South Lisbon – the 900 hectare park is completely manmade, originally being set up in 1934.If you’re looking to partake in some outdoor activities you’ve come to the right place – there’s loads to do including the well-known cycle and walking trails through the hills of the reserve. Other things to do in the area include tennis and football pitches and training circuits.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our five lesser-known Lisbon attractions – add some suggestions of your own in the comments.

Bio: Jane Lovel is a journalist who likes exploring off the beaten path destinations. These can be on her doorstep in London or she will find inspiration while she’s making her way around the globe.

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