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Over the last few weeks we collected some information and feedback from our readers and we're ready to share some of the results. The sample size wasn't huge, though we're very grateful to each of you who did take the time to respond. Cross-referencing with information gathered with Alexa and Google Analytics, however, revealed that the people who participated did seem to represent our general readership pretty well from a demographic standpoint. But you tell us if you think that's true!

You're educated: 70% have at least a university degree, 44% have a masters degree.

Most of you visit our site at least once a week.

When asked how often you travel for leisure, 26% said two to three times per year, 35% said four to six and 28% travel seven or more times per year!

72% of readers are currently planning a leisure trip.

You usually travel alone (35%) or with a partner (60%).

When travelling, you're most interested in:

Photographic opportunities
Getting 'off the beaten track'
Seeing the major attractions
Foodie and/or Restaurants

When planning a trip, an overwhelming majority gather information from online websites (88%) and blogs (77%) as well as guidebooks (44%) and word of mouth (49%).

74% have visited three or more continents, 32% have visited five or more continents

Most of you were very complimentary towards the website and our content - I felt really special reading all of your lovely comments and I thank you so much for all the nice things you said. We also received some constructive criticism, which was welcomed too. A few of you said that you don't care for the orange and blue colour scheme and a few also said that our site could use a new look and layout. We take those things on board - I would actually love to do a redesign and now that I finally have some time on my hands, hopefully I can prioritize that.

What we have already done is made some speed and performance improvements. We've implemented CloudFlare and made some adjustments to the back-end of the site. Hopefully this has resulted in some speed and loading improvements for you? Let us know!

A quick thanks also to Katrina from TourAbsurd for some technical assistance with our site this week as well.

The winners of our cash prizes were the 13th and 27th respondents, Zenaida from Germany and Rachel from the United States. Congrats to you both!

I've left the survey open in case anyone else wants to respond, but you can also leave your site feedback in the comments below. Thank you to all of our readers for your continuing support!


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9 years ago

I just saw this. Aww, thanks for the mention!

Site redesigns can be so stressful and time-consuming, yet so rewarding! I look forward to seeing what you two crazy kids decide. 😉

9 years ago

I am surprised not as many people use guidebooks. I always plan and do research on the internet but I still like having a guidebook as well. Maybe I am just old fashioned! 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Jeremy Branham

I think almost half of the readers used guidebooks…but I was pretty surprised to see that more people used internet resources! I like guidebooks too for some things, like an overview of what sites to see and the maps. I rarely use them for accommodation or restaurants though.

9 years ago

I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements and revisions you’ll be making now that you have time. 🙂 Most of all I’ll look forward to more of what you’ve always brought – great pictures and stories.

9 years ago
Reply to  Krista

Thanks, Krista! Our content definitely won’t change =)

Thank you for working with Straigh To The Point.
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