Austin Snapshots: Around Town 2

Austin is called the "Live Music Capital of the World," with around 250 venues, most of them open every night. Most of the action can be found along Sixth and Fourth Streets, East Riverside Drive and in the Red River and Warehouse Districts. You can find just about any kind of music here and a thriving nightlife (or daylife as these pictures show) scene to go along with it.

austin live music club

sixth street t-shirt austin

rooftop bar austin

austin live music and dancing

he who eats alone sign Austin

austin street art

texas flag

There's also great shopping, especially along South Congress Avenue.

uncommon objects austin

uncoomon objects austin inside

roadhouse relics

local artists shop austin

shopping austin tx austin-183 austin-344

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8 years ago

Used to go to Austin every chance I got when I lived in Dallas. An absolutely fabulous town. Great restaurants, fun bars and a lot to do for a relatively small place. Would love to get back there someday. Your photos reminded me of how awesome it really is. Thanks 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

It was really cool, Michelle – will have to go back and spend more time there some day.

8 years ago

Austin might be the hippest state capital in the US!

8 years ago
Reply to  Heather

I think that’s completely possible, Heather!

8 years ago

I LOVE these pics!!! Such great street scenes that really capture the vibe of this amazing city. 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Krista

Thanks so much, Krista! =)

8 years ago

Love street photography! You got a great photo series here, Andrea!

8 years ago
Reply to  memographer

Thanks so much! =)

Thank you for working with Straigh To The Point.
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