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Five Things You Must Do When Backpacking Through Thailand

Today's guest post takes us to the amazing country of Thailand, a place I've been wanting to get back to with John. Matthew Barby shares five experiences that anyone can enjoy when travelling through the country.

I recently spent some time out in the wonderful country of Thailand. Surrounded by bleach white sand, clear blue waters and scenery that looked fit for a postcard; I'm pretty sure it's as close to paradise as I'm going to get - until my next adventure, that is!

Cliffs Surrounding Maya Beach, Thailand

After scouting out all of the best things to do during my time in Thailand, and actually experiencing them first-hand, I've decided to share my top five favourite things to do:

Spend a Day With Elephants in Chiang Mai

This was, without doubt my favourite activity that I did throughout my time in Thailand. Having said that, it's really important that you do your research before going on any elephant-related trips over there.

There are a lot of problems in East Asia with the mistreatment of animals, and unfortunately many of the animals within the so-called 'sanctuaries' are treated like tourist commodities. It's a real shame, but an undeniable truth. Aside from these, there are actually some fantastic animal sanctuaries that really care about their animal inhabitants and you usually find these in the less tourist-driven areas.

Dante Elephant Camp

I visited the Dante Elephant Camp in the North of Chiang Mai and can vouch for the great treatment of the animals there. Not only this but I had an awesome time!

The trip runs from 9am until 5pm, includes transport to and from your hotel, a full lunch (which was great) and your whole day spent playing around with elephants - what more could you want! It cost me 2,500 Baht ($85) and you can book the trip at the tourist information centre in the centre of Chiang Mai (any tuk tuk will take you there).

The time with the elephants themselves consisted of some basic training, an hour trek through the jungle on the back of an elephant, a stop by the river to get in and wash the elephants and then a chance to feed the big guys. If you're planning a trip up to the North of the country, make sure this is on your list.

Getting Up Close and Personal With Tigers

I might now start to sound like I have a bit of a death wish but this really was worth it! Like with many of the elephants in Thailand, there are a huge number of sanctuaries for tigers. Chiang Mai is home to one of the best and most ethical tiger sanctuaries in the country, Tiger Kingdom.

Tiger Kingdom

For 600 Baht ($20) you can get into the tiger enclosure with the big cats. Yes, you heard me right - you can get into the enclosure with the tigers inside with you! Don't worry though, the staff at Tiger Kingdom are fantastic and know exactly how to manage the animals properly so that you always feel safe.

Once inside with the tigers you can stroke them, get photos with them and even lie down with them - if you're brave enough! All in all, a fantastic experience and I would absolutely recommend it.

The Full Moon Party

If you're a party-lover then this will be music to your ears (excuse the pun). Located on the Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan, the Full Moon Party occurs once a month when the moon is full (duh!), all year round. Depending on the time of the year, its attendance can range anywhere from 8,000 to 30,000 and the atmosphere is like nothing I've ever experienced.

The beach is packed from end-to-end with live DJs blasting out all kinds of music from drum 'n' bass and dubstep through to dance and classic cheese. It has something to please most people but if all else fails there are body painting, fire displays and a selection of strange alcoholic drinks (most of which come in buckets!).

You don't need a ticket to the Full Moon Party and can just turn up on the night but just be wary of keeping your possessions close. There's often a lot of theft that goes on and you don't want it to spoil your trip.

Visit Maya Beach

Made famous by Danny Boyle's 2000 film, 'The Beach', Maya Beach is set inside an uninhabited island just off of Ko Phi Phi island. The views from the beach are jaw-dropping and the sand feels like you're having your feet massaged with every step.

Maya Beach

Like with most things in Thailand, you don't need to book a trip here in advance. Once you get over to Ko Phi Phi you can simply book a half-day trip that will cost you around 400 Baht ($14) and will also include some further snorkelling stops and a chance to watch the sun set out at sea - well worth it.

Go to Watch the Muay Thai

During my time over at Koh Tao, my friends and I decided to go and watch a Muay Thai night that was just down the road from our hotel, Asia Divers Resort. The night consisted of seven fights and cost us a grand total of 400 Baht ($14) for the whole night's entertainment. And when I say entertainment, I really mean it!

Muay Thai in Koh Tao

Even if you're not massively into martial arts or boxing, I'm sure you will still have a great time. They really put on a show for you and the atmosphere is electric. Combine that with a few beers and some first-round knockouts and you've got a great night ahead. Put this on your to-do list!

Think Something Else Should Be On My List?

If you've had a great experience in Thailand that I haven't mentioned then be sure to let me know in the comments below. I love hearing the stories of fellow backpackers so get in touch!

Bio: Matthew Barby is the editor of the Melted Stories travel blog, which gives travel advice to fellow backpackers as well as sharing the travelling tales of Matt and co. Make sure you follow Melted Stories on Twitter and get in touch with Matt on Google+.

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6 years ago

Great article! I’ve been there a few times but always missed the Muay Thai, I think the shows are only at certain time (and days) of the week. I’ve also heard of the mistreatment of animals in Thai tourism, but definitely will try out your recommendations next time.

7 years ago

Is this a joke? Riding elephants is never ethical or responsible, neither is visiting drugged up tigers.

7 years ago

I visited Thailand twice and completely fell in love with this beautiful country. I did the Tiger and the Elephants… looking back now I probably would not do it again, for the sake of the animals. If you are interested in nature, I strongly recommend to go Scuba Diving! You can see whale sharks, turtles, schools of barracudas and so much more in a completely natural way, without harassing the animals. Koh Tao is one of the cheapest places in the world to dive and a beautiful island with a very special vibe!

Aiden Warren
8 years ago

I went to Phuket with my family last year. We visited Phuket FantaSea show. It was brilliant!!!! The shopping village of the park was very entertaining. There was a lot of Thai handicrafts. I got myself one impressive Thai traditional costume. We also enjoyed playing games at the game town entertainment centre. And best of all the show was really great, especially as we were introduced to Thai culture for the first time.

8 years ago

Zip Lining is also a lot of fun!
It is important to consider the moral implications of animal activities, especially when discussing tourism in Southeast Asia. It is good you pointed out responsible tourism with regards to elephant riding, but the discussion also pertains to tigers. I don’t think tourists can be certain either way how the animals are treated, but it is good for people to talk about it. It isn’t natural for these animals to be domesticated.

Thank you for working with Straigh To The Point.
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