Guest Post: Which Balearic Island Will You Visit This Winter?

Following an uninspiring British summer, many of us are considering getting our much-needed fix of sunshine when we probably need it most – in the middle of winter. Late-year getaways are becoming more and more popular and unsurprisingly, the Spanish Balearic Islands remain a firm favourite destination thanks to their year-round good weather, but which island will you choose? It's not an easy decision but here’s our guide to each Balearic Island during the winter to help plan your perfect getaway.



Intriguing Ibiza

Across the globe Ibiza is famous for its hedonistic club culture and dance music scene, but once the summer season has passed the more peaceful and picturesque side to Ibiza is revealed. You can explore the beautiful Old Town without battling the crowds, or take a walk around the island’s rugged landscape for some of the most breathtaking vistas to be found anywhere in Spain.

The island’s beaches will also be far less busy and although it may be too cool for swimming, you can still easy while away an afternoon stretched out on a sun lounger with the blue Mediterranean lapping quietly in the distance. Most of the British-themed bars and clubs will have locked up for the winter, but the authentic Spanish restaurants will stay open in which you can enjoy a true taste of Ibiza, without waiting hours for a table!

Magnificent Menorca

Renowned for being the most tranquil of all the Balearic Islands, Menorca’s idyllic towns and unspoiled landscapes come into their own during the winter months. The island’s fields explode with colour as the falling temperatures allow flora and fauna to thrive, and you can explore landmarks such as the old fort of La Mola, or trek up Monte Toro to take in the views without having to pick your way through hordes of camera-wielding tourists.

There’s also still plenty to do during the winter in Menorca, and the windy weather provides the perfect conditions for kite surfing! Even if you don’t participate, it’s great fun to watch before finding a quiet tapas bar or café in which to spend your evenings.



Marvellous Majorca

In the past few years, Majorca has begun to snap at the heels of its neighbour Ibiza in terms of its wild nightlife and tourist offerings, but once the winter months arrive the island returns to its former state. The capital of Palma becomes serene and your company in the cafés along the promenade may mostly be the crews of the boats bobbing in the harbour!

Outside the capital, you may find that you’re in the company of many cyclists who come to the island during winter for their training on the steep terrain. The cooler weather provides the ideal opportunity to explore towns like Valdemossa, a charming town overlooking a lush valley, and Soller, a populous town sitting within the valley with mountains rising up on each side.

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