Beautiful Food At Olo, Helsinki

In Helsinki, beautiful design does not stop with the food. We enjoyed a meal at popular gastronomic restaurant, Olo, whose menu boasts first class ingredients from small Finnish producers. It was a special meal because John and I were celebrating our second wedding anniversary, always more enjoyable when spent together in such an amazing European capital.

After three greetings from the kitchen, we enjoyed these juicy palate cleansers before the main event.

I began my meal with a signature cocktail from their list. We relaxed and took in our surroundings - a warm, muted and efficient room that allows you to feel comfortable and focus on the food. And for good reason - the dishes are delightful. We were asked to choose between 'Matka' ('The Journey') with 9 courses, or 'Retki' ('Shorter Way'). We chose this six course menu to be paired with wines.

King crab from the Arctic Ocean

Goat's milk from cheese factory Saloniemi in Laitila


The main dish included sweetbreads, one of my favourites.

I cannot remember the names of all the dishes and the menu lists only ten ingredients and their origins to whet our appetites. The wines included selections from a variety of regions, including Australia, Austria and France. Each dish was inventive and complex, with perfectly balanced flavours. Dessert was fun - we were first presented with a fresh blueberry and lemon dessert, followed  by the aroma of cinnamon with a warm, spicy Finnish apple concoction in a pot. Just when we thought we were finished, handmade mini-popsicles appeared for a sweet end to the evening.

olo apple dessert

olo popsicles helsinki

Olo Restaurant and Bar is located at Kasarmikatu 44 in Helsinki's Design District ( After a romantic meal, retreat to the comfort of your suite at Klaus K Hotel for more beautiful luxury in Finland's capital.

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8 years ago

Olo is one of my favorite restaurants too. In Finland there’s a famous slogan for one local meat packer, “Better food, better mood”. 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Timo Kiviluoma

Words to live by! =)

8 years ago

Congratulations on your anniversary! This meal looks wonderful, and I love the delicate presentations.

8 years ago
Reply to  Jenna

Thanks so much, Jenna =) Olo was amazing!!

8 years ago

Now this is a reason to visit, please post more food, especially the typical food as I have no idea what it is.

8 years ago
Reply to  Ayngelina

We didn’t have a bad meal in Finland, though when we went to restaurants that had “modern Finnish cuisine,” this is the kind of food we ate. Focus seems to be on fresh ingredients and local produce. Reindeer meatballs were probably the most “traditional” food we ate and they were delicious (see our post on Helsinki’s outdoor parks and markets) =)

8 years ago

wow i cant get over how beautifully plated each dish is. im sure they didnt taste too bad either 🙂 too bad i ban myself from eating in places that have ‘palette cleansers’ for they probably have 15 forks too and my unrefined colors would surely shine haha!

8 years ago
Reply to  Megan

haha – this place was totally modern – so they bring you the correct silverware as you go – definitely not as intimidating as you would think =)

8 years ago

Those foods served on your plate looks really gastronomic. Congrats on your 2 years!

8 years ago

It was definitely fine, inventive cuisine – thanks so much! =)

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