bikes in Amsterdam

Postcards From Amsterdam: How Many People Fit on a Bike Anyway?

In case you missed our first two postcard posts, check out our reason for this postcard series and Dutch eats.

It's difficult to walk around Amsterdam without hearing the shrill sound of bicycle bells. Bikes in Amsterdam can make it difficult to walk around period! Cyclists have the right of way with their extensive networks of special lanes and general dominance in the city - and I'm not knocking the system! I just wish they'd kick the cars out of the centre so being a pedestrian could be a little less painful...

bikes in Amsterdam

One thing that always impresses me is how many people you see on bikes. This trip we saw sons pedalling their mothers along as they clung to the back, people riding on handlebars and parents toting three children at a time. While they still do it better in Asia, adding livestock and appliances to the fun, the Dutch are certainly to be commended for their dedication to they bicycle culture. I can barely manage myself on a bike, much less a child or two...

bikes in Amsterdam

bike children Amsterdam

bike basket Amsterdam

Are you a cyclist? How much can you carry on your bike?


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11 years ago

Too funny. they must have REALLY good balance from all that practice!

I know!! I could never do it – too wobbly on a bike…

11 years ago

Wow, I knew Amsterdam was bike central but I’ve not seen such unique wheels around. I’ve sure the wheelbarrow one packs the largest load but that aerodynamic windpipe bike looks pretty cool for a mom toting her kid.


Wish I had caught more pics of these in motion – how they balance it all I do not know!

11 years ago

amazing pics i really love it.

11 years ago

I have seen some pretty scary cyclists in Thailand. My bike is in the garage sadly. 🙁

Reply to  Christopher

I think mine would be too in Thailand – don’t fancy running into a Tuk Tuk =)

Jan Ross
11 years ago

We were amazed at the huge bike parking lots in Amsterdam – and how there seemed to be absolutely NO overweight people anywhere!!

Reply to  Jan Ross

I love those big parking lots – I don’t know how anyone finds their bike!

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