i'd rather be eating brains sticker

What's On Your Bumper?

Living abroad for so many years, I'd forgotten how much the art of self-expression is alive and well on the bumpers of American vehicles. Why update your social media pages when you can permanently paste your thoughts on your car? Here's a sampling of what I've seen over the last several months on the road.

i'd rather be eating brains sticker

garage sale bumper sticker

politicians prefer unarmed subjects bumper sticker

local food bumper sticker

jesus loves bikers too

deer head on back of truck

on the phone bumper sticker

That last one reflects the bane of my existence...especially in Houston.

What's the best bumper sticker you've ever seen?

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Santa Fe has some fabulous (read that as completely liberal) bumper stickers. We’ve considered making a post out of it ourselves.

Please do! Would love to see them

Haha those are great! Can’t think of any amazing bumper stickers off the top of my head- going to pay more attention today and see what I find 😉

Great stuff 🙂

LOL, these are great! The one I most remember said, “All I want is whirled peas.” I saw it in college and thought it was hysterical. 🙂

LOL – I was just typing “what are whirled peas?”…then I got it 😉

Oh those crack me up! 🙂 I’d forgotten about this propensity as well. 🙂

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