Bungas’s Beer of the Week: Melbourne

Whoa!! What a supremely busy week! Finishing work at the end of last week, one might think that this final week in Melbourne would be carefree and relaxing. Well one, being me, was found to be very wrong indeed. And before I even begin, hats off to Andrea for making things a lot easier than they could’ve been.

Selling our furniture, being dicked around by people buying our stuff, closing accounts, dealing with imbeciles, packing boxes, putting things  into storage and finally, thankfully, blissfully…moving out of our apartment.

We barely found time for ourselves, but last Tuesday was the day to have some fun. After a late lunch, we got in some bowling. I’m happy to say that my years-old form hadn’t deserted me and I won both of our games easily. The beer we had at the establishment shall go unnamed and was forgotten the second I broke the seal. Then it was on to another place for pool, where Andrea prevailed in a tight contest. Playing old school rules worked to her favour nicely, with me sinking the black in the wrong pocket to gift her victory.

Finally, we went to the best place in the city to sample a good variety of Victorian beers. Mrs Parma’s specializes in local beers as well as chicken, veal and eggplant parmagianas. I was quite toasted by this point, but I do remember a nice drop called Woodcutter’s Amber Ale. Not much needs to be said other than if you like amber ales, you’ll love this one. The colour is a rich copper like all good ambers should be and it tastes malty as malty can be. Did I mention that I love malt?

This beer is best served in a glass just to admire the view and works very well before, during and after food consumption. So look out for the TH&B label and give it a shot!

Name: Woodcutter’s Amber Ale

Brewery: Tooborac Hotel & Brewery

Location: Tooborac, Victoria

Alcohol: 5.5%

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11 years ago

Had this beer the other night and it was yummo. I had the Matriciana Chicken Parm too, lele maiks it was the best I’ve ever had!

Reply to  Jex

I had that one the first time, but with veal. Chicken’s better. Ken awesome.

11 years ago

I found the beer better in Wellington and on the South Island.

Reply to  Boyd

Cheers, Boyd. We’ll look forward to that!

11 years ago

Sound like a perfect way to relax after being so busy. Unfortunately I’m allergic to beer and miss it :(, at least I can drink wine though 🙂

Reply to  Laurel

Ah well, Andrea is allergic to some wines. One out of two ain’t bad!

Gosphiel St. Boobies
11 years ago

Looks like a yummy beer. I shall be visiting Melbourne next week and I have have decided to sample the beer to which you wrote an article on.

11 years ago

Nice! Another beer for my husband to check out — I definitely do not think he had that one when we were in Melbourne last year! Glad to hear you guys got everything done and are ready to head off! Hope we can meet up with you along the way somewhere or I can convince Andrea to add Taiwan to your travel itinerary! 🙂 Best wishes and good luck!!!

Reply to  Erin D

Would love to catch up at some point! We’re definitely interested in Taiwan and will get there at some point, even if not this year. Keep us posted on your movements =)

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