Bungas’s Beer of the Week: Rotorua

So the New Zealand adventure is all but over. Sitting on the 13th floor of this chotel (cheap hotel disguised as a dogbox) and overlooking the Auckland harbour, I’m happy that I tried many Kiwi beers. The wind of change has spoken and this will be my final post in the “Beer of the Week” series. I will continue to write in South America, but not specifically about beer. Never fear my friends, beer will still get a mention every now and again.

After relaxing for a few days in Taupo (which was fantastic), we entered the smelly cauldron of Rotorua. Surrounded by steaming hot earth, it’s an interesting experience. The smell of hydrogen sulphide pierces your nostrils and makes you gag.

“You get used to it,” say the locals.

You get the hell out quickly is what I say.

My memories of chemistry in high school come flooding back – we used to make hydrogen sulphide in test tubes and the teacher would always tell us to slowly waft the gas towards our nose without any major inhalation. I presumed it was for safety reasons, so I don’t know how the folks of Rotorua are getting on.

Having said that, we did plenty of activities there and had fun. It really is a unique town and not to be missed. In the midst of the rotten egg gas smells, I found the Croucher Pale Ale. As far as I know, it’s the only craft beer made in Rotorua. Kind of makes me wonder where they get their clean water from to make this brew? Nevertheless, I bought it, I drank it and it was very good.

Time for Bungas to sleep…

Name: Pale Ale

Brewery: Croucher Brewing Company

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

Alcohol: 5.0%

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