Guest Post: Going to Canada? Make Sure You Get a Good Canadian Exchange Rate

Canada: a country as vast as a continent and twice as diverse, thanks to its heady mix of many cultures and exciting blend of dramatic landscapes. There are many options when considering which part of this immense landmass to experience to the fullest; skiing or sunbathing, bird watching or mountain climbing? Most of us, however, do have to put a limitation on travel activities due to one thing – money.


Photo by palindrome6996 from Flickr.

It is important to get the most for your bucks in order to see the most Canadian Bucks (if you aren't aware, a Canadian Buck is a male deer - with a Canadian accent, of course). Clearly if you've started to look for information on Canada then already you've probably started to research flights, timescales, how best to break it to your boss and whether your Mom will look after the dog. However, for many travelers, budget is likely to be the most limiting factor of the trip and therefore should form an important part of the planning.

There are some obvious ways to save money already – internet deals, booking ahead, planning your time effectively, the list goes on – but one thing you might not have thought of yet is how to get a good Canadian exchange rate. This is just as an important element of your trip as deciding whether to go up Grouse Mountain or take a look at Niagara Falls, because it’s your money that will be paying for it. Wherever you are, make sure you know where you can get your Canadian dollars from. Whether it’s online or physically from a kiosk, this could save you time and a lot of panicking at the airport if you can’t find a place to exchange your currency.

Buying your Canadian dollars in advance will also help you to budget your vacation. Having physical cash makes it easier to track exactly how much you have to spend – mostly because it’s right there in front of you.

The moral of the story: get a good exchange when buying Canadian dollars to help ensure a calm and relaxing trip. Unless you decide to go white water rafting – but that’s entirely up to you.

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