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Day Trip To Porvoo From Helsinki

Porvoo is a pretty, picturesque city 50 km east of Helsinki, one of Finland's six medieval towns. It's a good day trip on a nice day if you're interested in taking photographs and poking around in handicrafts shops for an afternoon. We visited on an afternoon mid-week in autumn. I can imagine this place being packed in summer when everything is open.

porvoo helsinki

When you exit the bus, head straight for the Porvoo River to check out the famous red warehouses.

porvoo finland

porvoo finland


A walk along the river is nice...

Before heading into the old town.

porvoo finland

Porvoo day trip Helsinki



I really recommend this activity for summer when the weather is nice. It was quite chilly when we were there out of season. Of course, shoppers with ample time in Helsinki shouldn't let that stop them.

Getting there: Buses depart from the lower level of Helsinki's Central Bus Station at least every half an hour. The journey takes about an hour - it's not worth it to pay more for an express ticket.

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I’m heading here next month in the dead of winter, any food/drink tips?

We were only there on a day trip and arrived after lunch so all we had were the cakes you see pictured here…I look forward to your foodie finds! =)

This looks like a very cute place to spend a day strolling around.

I want one of those little gnome things. 🙂

Cute, aren’t they? =)

They’re so gorgeous, Andrea! I love the red warehouses. I wouldn’t have thought it was a Medieval town though…interesting. So much history to Norway…

They’re actually in Finland! =) I agree with you though – I would not think “medieval” either – that word just makes me think of castles and stone buildings…

We were in Porvoo, recently, as well! We were there in August, and it was not at all busy or crowded. Not a lot to do, but just a nice little town to poke around in and have lunch (the little cafe in the main street in the Old Town had good prices, and I noticed that all of the entrees came with home made beer!) We bought some chocolates from the Brunberg chocolate outlet in the old town as well as some sea holly candies (one of the locals told me that sea holly is very healthy for you,… Read more »

Home made beer – nice one! You did a lot more than we did I think – we mostly just walked around…we got a late start getting out there though and several shops were closed in the late afternoon.

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