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Postcards From Amsterdam: Dutch Food

In case you missed our first postcard, find it here...

So what can one eat in Amsterdam? While cheese, sausages, pastries, seafood, stews and meat are the "typical" traditional Dutch foods, the capital is packed with restaurants featuring everything from fine dining to international cuisine. We couldn't believe how many new, hip restaurants had opened up. Next time we visit I'm going on a tasting junket.

Today, however, I'm presenting a couple of the weird and wonderful edibles that are special to the Netherlands:

febo amsterdam

Coins for a croquette at Febo? This fast-food favourite is still going.

dutch pancake

Dutch pancakes come in many varieties - this one has cheese and mushrooms.

What I find interesting is the large number of Argentine steakhouses - there's either a lot of money to be made with these or the Dutch really love their quality meat!

Amsterdam Argentina steak houseAmsterdam Argentine restaurantHave you been to Amsterdam? What was your favourite place to eat?

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9 years ago

yyyammmi great pics.

9 years ago

I want a vending machine croquette! Looks like fun.

Reply to  emilyinchile

It is fun! =)

9 years ago

Looking forward to more postcards from Amsterdam. Been dying to go there for so long! The pancakes sound yummy!

Awesome! =) A few more coming up this week…

9 years ago

I tried Febo in Amsterdam. I told my family about eating from a vending machine when I came home and they were a little horrified by that. But personally I thought it was good. It’s not gonna win any michellin stars, but between Febo and McDonald’s – I’d take Febo any day. 

Reply to  Guest

I was surprised by it! Outside of Amsterdam we saw another chain with the same vending machine style…seems to be a Dutch thing – I agree with you though, much better than other fast food. =)

Lucas is gonna love the Argie steakhouses!  I’m obsessed with the apple pancakes there!!!

I had apple and bacon (I know you don’t eat bacon, but for me – yum!!) the second time I tried them…SO good! As for the steakhouses, we didn’t eat in any so I hope they’re good…you certainly won’t have any trouble finding one!

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