Five Great Restaurants in Orlando

As well as being one of the most exciting tourist locations in the entirety of the United States, Orlando also plays host to a wonderful mix of some of the best restaurants in the State. Whether you’re looking for excitement, privacy or just the best food in the world; you’ll be guaranteed to find it in Orlando; especially now that there are so many specialist holidays to Florida in 2013, thanks to Florida 4 Less!

Bubbalou’s Bodacious Bar B Que

First on the list, an award winning bar and restaurant which only has one objective; gluttony. Feasting on the flesh of another animal has never been easier or tastier as you embark on a mission of deep consumption. Situated in University Park, East Orlando; the barbeque is a great place for enjoying the sunshine whilst eating meat as cooked by professionals; say goodbye to burned sausages.

If you’re a fan of music (who isn’t?) then inside the restaurant is the Lucky Pig blues bar. With daily drink specials, there’s no reason to go anywhere that isn’t the next four on our list!

Paco’s Mexican Restaurant

Situated in the Winter Park area of Orlando sits the first ever Mexican restaurant in the entirety of Orlando; having served food for the last thirty years, it has been celebrated for its hard work with ‘the best cheese dip in the Orlando area’, with cheese being such as large stock of the traditional Mexican menu, it is a sauce that is not to be missed.

More to the point, this restaurant is probably the more child friendly one out of the list, so if you have some hungry little people with you then this restaurant may well be the right one for you!

Mojo Bar and Grill

Somewhere that inhibits just a few more celebrities than your usual bar (Chris Kirkpatrick of N Sync for example?), if you’re looking for a freshly sliced piece of excitement, then you’ve found the right place!

A short distance away from the Amway Centre and located in the Historical Downtown area of Orlando, the bar is a thriving sprawl of tourists, locals and local sports teams. In fact, if a local team is playing, it is of course a perfect time to visit the bar as you can enjoy 32oz of draft beer for as little as $7 before any games as played by the Predators’, Orlando Magic, Orlando City Lions or Solar Bears’.

Being much a food venue as one that caters for drink, the grill hosts a family atmosphere that is great for everyone! Staff at the bar suggest a delicious Bayou Fromage plate.

Taverna Opa

If you’re looking for traditional food that combines the gorgeousity of seafood and the sheer splendour of steak; expect yourself to dine in the finest Greek restaurant in Orlando!

Located on International Drive, just South of central Orlando itself, the restaurant also incorporates traditional line dancing, belly dancing and traditional Greek and Spanish music! As the restaurant is regularly busy, it’s best to book your reservation quickly!

Fulton’s Crab House

If you’re a fan of fish, then Fulton’s is almost certainly the best place to find it! Sourcing its food from the most trusted and quality worldwide
shipping ports, its experienced chef’s only pick the freshest and the best; ensuring that only the finest food makes it to your plate.

Not only is the food brilliant, but their wine cellar holds a staggering 2,000 bottles of wine; the perfect complement to any fish dish! Found in Downtown Walt Disney itself, Fulton’s should make it on any fish lovers list!




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