Guest Post: A Holiday Planner's Dream

I am a self-confessed holiday addict. I love them and everything about them. Not just the sitting by the pool soaking up the sun but the organising too. It may be a bit sad but I like making sure everything is sorted and everything is worked out. In truth, planning my holiday is almost as much fun as the holiday itself.

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I plan my holiday down to the last detail and after all the consideration I put into it I’m not going to have my holiday run any way but smoothly. So, I always book my airport parking as early as I can. Ideally I do it when I book my flights, that way I get the best prices. The parking makes driving to the airport much easier, you’re guaranteed a space in a car park you've chosen and it’s the cheapest option.

Staying at a hotel really takes the pressure out of my timings. A planner like me doesn’t want to be rushing to the airport the morning of the flight. With a stay in an airport hotel with the parking combined I get a longer holiday and a chance to unwind before I fly. I start my holiday with no stress and no hassle, just all the delights of a top-notch hotel. Sitting in the bar with a cool drink is the perfect time to sit and enjoy my holiday plan in action or put the final touches to my holiday schedule.

On one of my recent getaways I was off to Rome with a friend and I thought I’d make it a little bit special so I even added a ‘Meet and Greet’ service to my holiday plan. This meant that as we drove up to the terminal we were met by someone who then drove the car to the car park for us. If nothing else it spared me the embarrassment of trying to reverse park. It was a bit of a luxury but it definitely made us feel like VIPs.

I’ve become a big fan of all the extras I can add to my holiday. They really make the difference. I feel like it’s one less thing to worry about and one more thing to enjoy. I can’t even imagine myself jetting off on a holiday adventure anymore without first having a night relaxing in an airport hotel.

This post was written by Laurence Brown who has worked in the travel industry for over seven years. Having travelled around the world on a budget, he is a firm believer in economical travel. His favourite international destination is Ecuador.

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9 years ago

Even I am an organised planner who plans till the last moment.

9 years ago

I always like to go to the airport in style, especially at the beginning of a long trip! By the way, in the photo of Heathrow Airport above has anyone seen the place this quiet – there must have been a bomb scare!!!! 

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