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I Heart France - Things I Miss

Our time in Lyon and Bordeaux was just wonderful. We got to re-connect with the things that we love about France. Like...


If I close my eyes, I'll still know I'm in a French city from the sound of the motorbikes buzzing in the streets.

france bikes


Wherever you are in France, there will be a market in your neighbourhood. You can chat with the farmers and pick up fresh produce there. Usually you'll be able to do this more than once a week. I love the atmosphere of a French market: lively, interesting and most definitely local.

lyon market

Food shopping

Even if you don't go to a market, there are heaps of specialty food shops in each neighbourhood. It's so relaxing to spend time in each one, picking up what you need for that special meal. My daily baguette run was a highlight when we lived in Paris.

french cheese selection

boulangerie lyon

triperie france


I'm never bored in France. The people fascinate me and individuality is strong there.

trop cool pig

pink lady bordeaux


Love is always in the air in France. It's easy to get caught up in it yourself.

romance bordeaux

Wine and Sweets

France has some of the world's most delicious wine and I've yet to meet a sweet I didn't like there. Be sure to try many varieties of both on your travels through the country.

bordeaux vines

macaroons bordeaux

Shabby Chic

France is old. You see its tired face in the buildings and on the streets. Things are not always shiny and new. Its quality, however, is impeccable. France is home to some of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen, amazing food, pace-setting culture and exquisite clothing and crafts. French style and quality is unsurpassed. The mix of old and new, high-end and low-market, traditional and modern is at the heart of its charms.



There's a green cross on just about every corner. Inside you'll find helpful staff and all sorts of health products. These have always been handy for me when filling prescriptions on the road because you don't always seem to need one. I always feel like the pharmacy staff in France really care and try to help you.

french pharmacy


I can't get enough of these. I prefer the savoury ones, filled with cheese, mushrooms, spinach and ham - or whatever you fancy. It's fun to watch them being made and there's no better treat when you're hungry after exploring the city.

crepes lyon

What's your favourite thing in France?

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9 years ago

Oh my gosh your pics are amazingly AWESOME!!! I kept looking at all of them over and over! I loved the one of the dog sitting with it’s leash looking in the window of the shop! Priceless 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Thank you so much, Mike!

9 years ago

We miss in France freedom. If you express your opinions or be critical in France, it is considered normal while in most other countries you would be terrorist and extremist. That is why France is one of our favourites and we have spent there 1.5 years in various places.

9 years ago
Reply to  Global Nomads

I love that about France too – and the diversity!

10 years ago

Love the fresh products sold in the market. And of course, the wine would always be my favorite when visiting France.

10 years ago
Reply to  Mike Carlson

Aren’t the markets there wonderful?

France is so awesome! I think you nailed pretty much everything that makes France so French. =)

10 years ago

Thanks, Nicole! As you can tell, I always leave pieces of my heart there =)

10 years ago

One of the things I really like about France – or Paris, at least, is that people are forever reading books – on the metro, when walking… I feel right at home.

10 years ago
Reply to  Sophie

I love that too in any city – I am always curious to check out what people are reading!

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