Introducing Stavanger - Our New Home

We've been in Stavanger for less than a week but we're already starting to fall in love with it. Moving to a new place in springtime is certainly a plus: the sun has been shining since we arrived and it's warming up. We didn't really know what to expect from Norway but so far we've found the city to be beautiful and the locals are friendly and helpful.

stavanger bridge

Those not familiar with Norway may have only heard of the capital, Oslo, but Stavanger is over on the west coast just 50 minutes away by plane. Situated in a fishing, farming and gastronomic area, the city is booming - it's dubbed the 'Petroleum Capital of Norway' and there is plenty of work here, keeping prices high and accommodation scarce (book early if planning a visit, especially for mid-week).

stavanger breiavatnet

A lovely lake in the middle of town.

stavanger new townIt's easy to see why this is a popular destination for travellers as well. We're surrounded by incredible hiking areas and natural attractions like the famous Pulpit Rock, which John and I can't wait to explore. The city centre itself is quaint and beautiful, with cobblestoned streets and hills leading up to views over the water and mountains, and plenty of bars, restaurants and shopping.

coloured wooden buildings stavangerold stavangerThe part of town known as 'Old Stavanger' has 173 wooden buildings dating back to the 18th century and this area in particular features white cottages. The city has the largest concentration of wooden houses in all of Europe (there are around 8,000 here). Many of these are brightly painted and it makes for a beautiful, quirky and colourful town.

stavanger sailboat

stavanger parking sign

A touch of humour

What else do we have?

  • More than 30 festivals each year and quite a few of them look really interesting: Scandinavia's largest food festival, an international tattoo convention, a different music festival for every taste, a comedy festival and Livsglede, which is said to have a "focus on lust for life," are just a few of the offerings.
  • 40 different museums and exhibitions
  • Norway's largest shopping mall
  • Norway’s longest stretch of beaches with sand dunes and wildlife.stavanger skate park

Norway's oldest cathedral

As you can probably tell, we're excited about our new location. For us it's perfect because we're at a stage in our lives where we're ready to be settled in one place and hope to start a family this year, but we aren't finished exploring the world yet. We're less than two hours by plane from London and a few hours from the rest of Europe (with so many direct flight destinations from Stavanger) so we can head out on trips whenever we want knowing that at the end of the day, we can retreat to a quiet, beautiful place away from it all.

Have you ever been to Stavanger? What did you like about it?

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World Traveler
8 years ago

What a nice little town, Iv’e never been to Scandinavia anymore but I would like to go in the near future. I will visit Norway,Sweden, and Denmark; Finland also seems interesting but the other 3 nations are a bit more cosmopolitan.
10 years ago

Great spot! Hope you’re bundled up and enjoying the scenic coastline. 

10 years ago

It looks absolutely beautiful! What a great place to call “home” for a while!

Thanks, Amanda! We’re really excited about it =)

10 years ago

What a beautiful town, and hardly anyone knows it really! Your pictures are just beautiful. Hope to read more soon about life, people and food there.

We didn’t know about this hidden gem either until John got a job here, haha – glad you love the photos and hope to share more soon! =) Thanks, Barbara!

10 years ago

I’ve never heard of Stavanger, but it looks beautiful and like there’s a lot to keep you busy.  Enjoy and I look forward to hearing about your new life in Norway.

Reply to  Laurel

Thank you so much, Laurel =) We had never heard of it before John started looking for jobs but we sure are glad we’re here!

Thank you for working with Straigh To The Point.
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