Kölsch: The North Rhine - Westphalia Beer of Cologne

My previous visits to Cologne (Köln) in Germany were quick and with a host and this time was no different. Melvin from Traveldudes picked us up from the train station, and with rain closing in, it was time to indulge in the local bier. Kölsch is a light-styled golden brew with about 4.8 % alcohol content.

After a nice tour of the city, we entered a 'brauerei' to experience the taste and atmosphere of Muhlen kölsch. Served in 20cL skinny glasses by gruff male waiters who exude authority, no money is exchanged. No further had I finished my glass (which went down fast being way past beer o'clock), that the waiter had replenished it with a fresh one and also for my wife and friend.

Keeping up with the fish (i.e. me) brings a whole new meaning in this game. The waiter will take your glass with dregs or more left when he is bringing a new round, so keep up with the fishes!! A coaster placed on top of your empty glass indicates to the waiter that you shall wallow no more. Funnily enough, the coaster is also used to tally your beers!

Dinner drinking continued later that evening with more kölsch. Initially drinking in the same style glasses we had at the pub, we switched to bottles as the conversations headed into the night. This time it was Reissdorf kölsch. The beer itself is easy-drinking, but sweet and bitter at the same time in a weird way. It goes down a treat and if you eat the hearty meals served at the brauerei, then I would suggest you could drink it all night with relish.

I also tried one other called Fruh kölsch. German beer is brilliant and kölsch is just another that, even though not up my particular alley, keeps on giving.

Have you visited Cologne?

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10 years ago

I love Koelsch! How could I not? It’s the beer I grew up with! I’m planning my visit home over Christmas right now and am looking forward to lots of Gluehwein at the Christmas Markets, but your post just reminded me to add another fun activity to my list: a visit to a Brauhaus in Koeln – luckily I’m staying in Koeln, so that will be easy 🙂

Reply to  Sabrina

That’s great, Sabrina – we missed the Christmas markets this time but I’ve experienced them before – they’re really fantastic!

10 years ago

Sounds like fun! I just arrived in Cologne and can’t wait to try out the kölsch! Good to know about the coasters, as well!

Glad to help, Jessica. Enjoy it!

10 years ago

Prösterchen! 😉

Reply to  Melvin

Haha! =) Thanks again for a wonderful time in Cologne!

10 years ago

Fun! We haven’t been to Cologne… but we wouldn’t pass up a beer tasting for anything!

Reply to  Jade

Cologne’s a nice place and the beer experience was great!

10 years ago

Would you believe I have 10% percent beer in my fridge right now?  It’s Sakara, an Egyptian beer.  I tasted some last night and wanted to spit it out, it was so strong.  The Sakara 4% (which I am drinking right now, hehe) is one of the best beers I’ve had in my life, though.  You must try some if you come to Egypt 🙂

Reply to  Lesalo3

Thanks, I’ll note that beer down and sample it one day in the future!

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