maine beach

Our Maine and New England Road Trip

We're off to Maine tomorrow for the start of our big summer holiday - a road trip through Maine and a little bit of the rest of New England, stopping for a night in Boston before heading to New Jersey to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday! It will be the first time in Maine for us and we're looking forward to the state's famous scenery, food and relaxing atmosphere.

We haven't done too much planning aside from booking our nights in some fabulous luxury B&B's because this is the high season in Maine and we didn't want to be stranded. We'll be visiting the capital, Portland, as well as the towns of Bar Harbor, Rockland and Kittery. Since Kittery is so close to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we'll check that town out as well. I've only really spent time in Rhode Island and Connecticut, so seeing a bit more of New England will be a real treat. We also plan to spend a day in Acadia National Park.

maine beach

Photo by salane from morgueFile.

We're pretty sad that we'll only have time for one night in Boston but at least we'll get a taste for this dynamic city. In particular, we're looking forward to all the driving we'll be doing, especially long stretches like Kittery to Boston and Boston to New Jersey. Our friends at provided us with a nice discount on a SUV. We always love booking with them because it's so easy and the rates are so good - you can book in a number of different currencies, not just pounds.

As we haven't planned much, I wanted to do a quick call-out to our readers for tips, especially for Maine and Boston (things not to miss for the latter as we really will only have a few hours to explore). What should we see and do? We hope you'll follow along and enjoy the next few weeks of posts on this gorgeous part of the United States.

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What's your favorite New England spot? 

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9 years ago

FUN! I lived on the East Coast as a child and have been wanting to take my kids there soon. I have no specific tips, but have a great time! 🙂

9 years ago

You need to visit Cape Elizabeth and Inn by the Sea…you must!

9 years ago
Reply to  Charu

Ok, we have one more day – going to try! Thanks =)

9 years ago

I love Maine! Portland is a nice town, has a nice vibe with lots of cool little bars and eateries, and Arts Friday – on the first Friday evening of every month you do the Art Walk, where the city’s artists, galleries, and arts venues open up their doors. You should also visit Peaks Island by ferry from downtown Portland, rent a bike and just enjoy the lovely place. Portland Headlight is also great (lighthouse). Have fun!

9 years ago
Reply to  Christina

Thanks for the tips, Christina! =)

Rajon Bird
9 years ago

Have a fun and safe trip Brosin and Brosivitsa! Too bad you can’t see more of Bawwwston. My great dedo lived there in his 20’s, true story. GO CELTICS!

9 years ago
Reply to  Rajon Bird

Cheers, brosin!

9 years ago

I am a short distance away from Maine right now – exploring the New Brunswick coast. I haven’t been to Maine since I was a kid so I’m of no help with suggestions. But when you’re never far from lobster or a beach you can’t help but have a great time.
Hope your grandmother has a fabulous 90th birthday party.

9 years ago
Reply to  Leigh

Thanks so much, Leigh – the lobsters are so delightful! We’ve really loved it…

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