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Maine's State and National Parks

Driving through Maine easily brought us in touch with nature. Surrounded constantly by lush greenery and often under a canopy of trees, we found the state a pleasure to drive through. And all along the way we were able to nip in and out of Maine's beautiful state and national parks. Here you'll find 48 state parks and historic sites. We pretty much just drove in and out but there are plenty of opportunities for recreation and camping.

maine state park

maine state park ocean

maine state park foliage

This was not a hiking holiday for us. We took some leisurely walks in the parks but mostly just found places to relax along a quiet shoreline or under some trees to take a break from driving. But the beauty of the nature in Maine was not lost on us.

maine beach

maine house on shore

Our first stop was Acadia National Park. We only had one day here because our first full day in Maine was a soggy one. We drove the 27-mile Park Loop Road, with a stop at the top of Cadillac Mountain.

cadillac mountain main

acadia family

trees maine


maine ocean

All up and down the coast we found lighthouses and stunning stretches of coastline...

maine lighthouse

lighthouse view maine

lighthouse maine

foliage maine

Most of the parks have entrance fees, either per person or per vehicle. It does add up but long-term passes are available if you plan to visit several of them. I think it's essential to visit at least one or two on a trip to Maine.

maine state park

coast maine

mushroom maine

maine houses on lake

lobster boat

maine picnic

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

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7 years ago

Fab photos! Maine looks amazing. I love hiking parks situated along coastlines.

8 years ago

It`s been a few years since I was at Acadia National Park, but I was there during the Indian Summer and loved it. Your photos sure bring back memories. I just included it in my Best Scenic Coastal Drives.

8 years ago
Reply to  BeachThursday

We got rained out the day we were supposed to go so ended up only having a morning there – spectacular! I’d love to go back

8 years ago

I absolutely loved all of the pictures and the entire post reminded me why I want to make to the opposite side of the country to visit Maine! That one of the yellow mushroom is awesome!! 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Oh yes, you must! Definitely worth the visit =)

I visited friends there last summer. I didn’t have time to go to Acadia, but they raved about it.

8 years ago

It’s awesome. I’d love to do the hikes there – we didn’t have enough time and got rained out one day…

8 years ago

I liked Maine, but sadly missed the parks. The friends I was with at the time were mad for antiques so we stopped at every little shop – and Maine is brimming with them…

8 years ago
Reply to  Sophie

We passed so many but didn’t venture into one…definitely a wonderful destination for those so inclined!

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