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A Night Out in Dresden's Neustadt (Photo Essay)

Across the river from the Old Town, Dresden's Neustadt is a hip little area. Full of cafes, shops, bars and restaurants, this part of the city is the place to be at night.

dresden neustadt nightlife

dropout records neustadt

This awesome store specializes in vinyl with heaps of German and international punk and alternative artists.

musikhaus neustadtheadshop neustadt

smoking sign

Not something you see too much these days but a few bars advertised their smoker-friendly status.

thalia neustadt

lebowski bar dresden

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Yes they did - awesome! White Russian anyone?

Don't miss this place - Scheune (The Barn) - with live music, a great beer selection and Indian food!

What's your favourite bohemian area in Europe?

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9 years ago

I used to frequent this bar in L.A. in the 90’s, called The Dresden. Black & red velvet,  smoky but classically elegant and antiquated. I always wondered what Dresden might be like. A boho area in Europe? I was in Ghent for a film festival. It’s a nice artsy town, also this little Southern German town Saarbruken was kind of trippy too.


Ooh – never been to Ghent – sounds perfect! Cheers for all the comments =)

I haven’t been to Dresden yet but I will.  Now I will also make sure to visit the Neustadt!  I loved the smoking sign. . . you’re right we don’t see those at all 🙂

Unfortunately they mean “stay out” for me because I can’t stand cigarette smoke, but it was novel to see them! =)

9 years ago

Love Dresden and the artsy nightlife scene found there.

Reply to  Laurel

Me too – so many theatres and live music venues!

9 years ago

Lovin the pics 🙂

Reply to  Mel

Thanks so much, Mel! =)

When you pass through on a tour, you have no clue there is a nightlife district there.   At least… I didn’t!

I read that new bars and cafes are popping up all the time there – not sure how long ago you were there but perhaps there were fewer…

Thank you for working with Straigh To The Point.
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