Slice of Norge: Sun Stress

Sun stress – ever heard of it? Well neither had I until coming to Norway. Sun stress has nothing to do with heat stroke. In the two months of summer so far, there have been maybe three days above 25 °C and certainly none above 30. So there’s no chance of passing out due to the heat.

This area downtown is usually packed with people during the sunny days - I got this shot while everyone was on holiday.

Sun stress is a phenomenon that occurs when a sunny day materializes. The locals make plans for any and all outdoor activities; they all finish work early and then revel in the glorious sunshine for as long as they can. This doesn’t sound stressful though, does it? The stress (as described to me by a coworker) lies in the feeling that if it’s a sunny day, one must use it wisely. After all, it does rain 70% of the year round.


There are plenty of areas at Vaulen to relax and take in the sun.

A month or so ago, there was a sunny period for a few days and every time I left the office (which was dead quiet in the afternoon) this playground under a nearby bridge was full of people basking in the sun. I mean every inch of grass was occupied. Office people would exchange their indoor coffee breaks for ice cream outside. On one of the hottest days I began my exercise routine of walking home along the sea. I saw people fishing, having picnics and using their portable barbecues on any patch of grass available amongst the rocky shore.

I also discovered a little oasis known as Vaulen. This place was family central. The car park was overflowing and everybody was either swimming on the beach, sunbathing or having a barbecue. Lots of little coves and mini-playgrounds allow people to enjoy themselves and the atmosphere was quite electric. It was going off!

Unfortunately we see more of these than the sun.

Fortunately, Andrea and I have lived in places where the sun shines more often than not. So instead of suffering from sun stress we just look out the window, turn to each other and say “We don’t have a car to go anywhere, so I guess we’ll just take it easy”!

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8 years ago

So opposite of where I live, 70% rain is my kind of place 🙂 Way to go to them for taking full advantage of the sunny days, though. Great rainbow picture!

8 years ago

Thanks Ayelet!

8 years ago

Haha I can relate to this! And I remember the need to eat outside on the terrace on every sunny day during summer. Had to take advantage of the good days you got! Now living in sunny Spain that is not really necesary anymore and it’s nice. I am also more relaxed when in Norway now, sun just make the scenery more beautiful but no need to sun-stress!

8 years ago

Thunderstorms and 90% chance of rain tomorrow, so no sun-stress for me either 😉

8 years ago

I think I suffer from sun stress even living in a relatively sunny place – I always feel like weekends in summer must be spent working on my tan and am sad that I often have other things to do instead!

8 years ago
Reply to  Emily in Chile

That’s funny, Emily. I never had sun stress in Perth, it’s just too hot!

8 years ago

That rainbow pic is AMAZING!!!!! I would never be able to live in a place without constant sunshine.

8 years ago
Reply to  Andi

Thanks Andi. That’s one I actually took!

8 years ago

I have never heard of a phenomenon such as sun stress before. It’s good to know that Norwegians take full advantage of their very few sunny days. I love rain and cool weather, but not ALL the time 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Sabina

They sure do take advantage, alright! Can’t say I love rain, but I don’t miss the 40 degree days in Perth at all.

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