Sibelius Park & Monument Helsinki

Outdoors In Helsinki's Parks and Markets

Aside from the amazing design, Helsinki's status as a green city is another reason to love it. Parks and green spaces make up one third of the city's area and you notice them walking around. It's easy to duck from urban excitement into relaxing nature in one of several large parks.

Sibelius Park & Monument Helsinki

Sibelius Park and Monument - created from over 600 steel organ pipes, this is a monument to Finland's beloved national composer Jean Sibelius.

After visiting the intriguing Sibelius Monument, head over to Cafe Regatta (Merikannontie 10) for a cup of coffee and pastry (or to grill your own sausages if you're keen). A spell outside in the warm sunshine will prepare you for a day of exploring the city outdoors.

cafe regatta Helsinki

Down in the Design District, we are attracted to some trees wearing sweaters in a local park.

tree knits helsinki

A popular activity is lunch at the Market Square (Kauppatori in Finnish). Outside of winter it is packed with people enjoying delicious local food at outdoor cafes.  More opportunities to soak up the sun, which the locals will no doubt be enjoying as well.

helsinki kauppatori

helsinki market square fish

helsinki kauppatori


It appeared to be time to try reindeer...

reindeer meatballs

These meatballs with garlic sauce and roasted potatoes were delicious!

Afterwards perhaps some shopping for crafts and souvenirs (or check out Helsinki's flea markets), or a peek at Helsinki Cathedral...

helsinki cathedral

Finally, a stroll along the Esplanadi and then on to wherever else you may wish to wander in Helsinki. It certainly is a walkable city. After a day of exploring, retreat to a spacious, comfortable room at the Hilton Helsinki Strand. They were kind enough to host part of our stay and we  really enjoyed the central location of the hotel.

helsinki esplanadi



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10 years ago

Cafe Regatta looks so cute! And sign me up for reindeer meatballs.

Looks delightful! How livable did Helsinki feel? We’re thinking of moving to a Scandinavian city for a few months (non-winter) and thought Helsinki looked good.

10 years ago

Wow, this looks like a great way to spend the day. I love how those trees were sweater bombed! 🙂

10 years ago
Reply to  Cheryl

Me too, haha! They were so cute

10 years ago

I always believed that this part of the world has some of the best out doors venues. And after reading this, I was right. The sad irony is, the weather gets bad for half the year and you can’t take advantage. That yield for reindeer sign is hilarious!

10 years ago
Reply to  Sherry

I know, it is sad about the weather, isn’t it?

10 years ago

Those reindeer meatballs were DELISH!

And awww, memories, I had so much fun walking around with you two!

10 years ago
Reply to  Kyle

They were so good, weren’t they? I don’t think I had a bad meal in Finland…

Hey, ps…next time you’re over that way, we found out in Estonia that you can do these cruises to St. Petersburg where you don’t need a visa as long as you don’t stay longer than 72 hours or something like that…too bad we didn’t know about them!!

10 years ago

Hey Andrea, how’s it going! I would love to have some more info on this – I’m planning on visiting that part of the world in a month or so, and if I could save the hassle of getting a Russian visa, that would be great!


10 years ago
Reply to  Nate

Hi Nate – just do a search on “st petersburg 72 hour visa” and/or “st petersburg 72 hour cruises” – looks like there are a variety of companies you can go with. Let us know how you go! =)

Thank you for working with Straigh To The Point.