Awash In Salt: Photos From Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

With so many photos of Bolivia's famous Salar de Uyuni floating around, we thought it would be impossible for it to surprise us. At an elevation of 3653 metres, the largest salt flat in the world (12,106 square kilometres) was formed when the prehistoric Lago Minchin evaporated. Today it is visited by tourists and also provides salt for the Bolivians, though we are told they still import sea salt from countries like Chile.

Salt dries in mounds on the flat before it is processed.

Unfortunately we only had one day to explore the salt pan. When filmmakers want to depict 'heaven' as an endless expanse of otherworldly white clouds and surfaces, this could easily be their set. We sat in silence as we drove along, staring out the windows and contemplating the vastness of this unique place.

I'll let our photos tell the story for words cannot describe such a location...

Locals call these formations 'The Hexagons.'

Parts of the flat are wet, others drier...

Deep "caves" have formed on parts of the surface.

We visited this bizarre natural island covered in giant cactus...

...and ate lunch on tables formed out of salt.

So, what do you think of Bolivia's most popular attraction?

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Both North and South America are gorgeous! =)

11 years ago

These pictures are phenomenal-I just heard of this place last year after another blogger visited and wrote about it. Now two posts on the topic and I am thinking… close is Nicaragua to Bolivia?! Is this doable in a weekend?!! haha. Thanks for sharing. 

Reply to  Claire

Thanks so much, Claire! I would recommend doing the three day circuit – we only had time for a day trip but apparently there is much more to see. =)

11 years ago

Love the photo of the piece of salt on your hand. It helps me to imagine what it looks like in real life on a larger scale…not sure if that makes sense. Let’s just say it makes this photo essay that much more magical 🙂
The photo of the car is cool, too – the reflection and background are so perfect it looks photoshopped!

It DOES look Photoshopped, I know, haha…but it isn’t. Salar de Uyuni was one of our favourite places to take pictures!

Wendy Waters
11 years ago

Fantastic photos.  I’ve been their twice (1993 and 2003), both incredible experiences. 

Reply to  Wendy Waters

Thanks so much, Wendy! Did you do the multi-day tour? Wish we had time for that – I’d love to return =)

Randy Kalp
11 years ago

Wonderful shots! This place looks very cool. I have never see anything like this before.

Reply to  Randy Kalp

Oh you MUST go! It’s amazing…I don’t get wow’ed very often but this place had me breathless with excitement!

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