Scenes From Singapore (Part 2)

In case you missed part one

universal studios singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

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9 years ago

Wow, did you take these with your new DSLR? These photos look great!

I did, Oneika! Thanks so much =)

9 years ago

Holy moses, I never thought of Singapore as having so much color! That shot of the yellow house with the red shutters, aside from being beautiful, looks like you could’ve taken it in Valparaiso!

Reply to  Kyle

There are so many different cultures in Singapore that it definitely brings a lot of colour. We didn’t have time to go to Little India but I really wanted to see the spice shops – I imagine it would be colourful there.

9 years ago

Fantastic shots!!! A real eye for colour and timing 🙂

Reply to  Robin

Thanks so much, Robin! =)

Loving these shots! I totally want to visit that salon.

9 years ago

Beautiful photos! It looks like such a colorful place! Full of life. I like how your photos capture that aspect.

Reply to  Ellen & Justin

Thanks so much, guys! It’s a really colourful place – so multicultural and modern all at once.

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