amsterdam canal bike

Postcards From Amsterdam

The more aesthetically inclined among you will notice that our website is on the blink. For those who don't know already, we've moved to a new server and everything seems to be working ok from a content and interface standpoint. But there is definitely something ugly going on now with our layout and design.

skinny buildings amsterdam

I've got some people working on this with me and hopefully when they have the time to actually action their queues (or I tinker my way to perfection by way of trial and error with code), we'll be back to what the site used to look like. In the meantime, I'll try to keep our posts relatively simple as John and I finish making our way around central Europe. After Switzerland we spent a few nights in Freiburg, where we had the pleasure of catching up with Andrew from Grounded Traveler, and then spent one night in Cologne before our visit to Amsterdam.

amsterdam canal bike

So for the next week I'll be sharing with you our postcards from Amsterdam series, where you'll learn why we love the city so much that John's been there eight times!

Are you also a blogger? Feel free to just lay a fresh, stinking rant below about tech issues and how much they p*ss you off too!!

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11 years ago

OMg we are having the biggest issue with out site EVER. We made the mistake of going with a shitty web hosting service *edit* and our site goes down at least once amonth. Today it has been down for over 24 hours  and the “live chat technicians” just copy and paste the same “please hold” message and then log out. UUGGHHHH  ok rant over.

Jade Johnston

Reply to  Jade

Oh noooooo – I so feel your pain!! Really hope it gets fixed soon

11 years ago

I have been to Amestrdam,it is great destination,i advice everyone to visit it.

Reply to  Muna

Glad you enjoyed it, Muna! =)

11 years ago

I haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, but it does look perfect on a postcard.  Hope you get your sites issues solved, but I didn’t notice anything different. 

Reply to  Laurel

It’s very unique! You’re close – I’m sure you’ll visit someday =) Our site issues are mostly resolved now…thank you, though!

The site looks great too me! (And Amsterdam looks pretty cool too…) 🙂

You’re too kind! =) The perfectionist in me wants to fix it back to the way it was exactly, of course

I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but it’s near the top of my list.  Love the photos!

It’s a fun place – definitely worth a look – I don’t think there is anywhere else like it in the world!

Thank you for working with Straigh To The Point.
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