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Renting a Vacation Home Like a Pro

If you're used to reserving a hotel room, switching to a vacation home is a big change from the norm. You are essentially taking over a property for a short period, leaving you responsible for its overall care. Renting a home like a pro is relatively simple when you keep key points in mind during the transition process.

Communicate your Needs

Speak honestly to the property manager about your amenity needs. If you require three bedrooms, certain properties won't work for you. Quality property managers offer you the best match when specific needs are communicated. If one property doesn't match, the manager may have industry contacts pointing you toward the right home. Private owners are an option, but you can also work with real estate specialists in vacation homes. They're often the middle man for the real owners, giving you a professional outlet to find the perfect vacation spot.

Walk Through It

Looks can be deceiving so perform a thorough walk-through when making the final decision on the home. Treat the home as if you're purchasing it. Note any damage to the manager and make your own notes. Any damage or improper installations must be noted officially to avoid any charges once you terminate the rental. Once you sign the agreement, any damages are your responsibility. Don't feel obligated to take the rental either. If the walk-through turns up many malfunctions, consider a different property.

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Arising Issues

Whether you rent from a private owner or a company like Bluegreen Resorts, issues can arise during the rental period. A leaking faucet, for instance, needs a plumber immediately to keep the water bill reasonable. Take pictures whenever possible of any issues. Even a well-maintained property can have a malfunction at times. The manager should be easily contacted when necessary for a smooth fix as you concentrate on a good time. Ask the manager for at least two different phone numbers to ensure consistent contact.

Clean it Up

Be courteous to the manager and clean up after yourself. Renting like a pro means leaving the property with integrity and a clean footprint. Vacuum, wipe and sweep the entire property down on the last day. You may retain almost all of your cleaning deposit with this strategy. Leaving with a clean rental also tells the homeowner that you are a customer worth retaining, encouraging the manager to stay in contact with you for future discounts and specials.

Club Investment Option

It's not necessary to search out a new property manager each time you want to try a vacation home. Consider investing in a vacation club where you buy into timeshares and stay in almost any corner of the world you please. You'll still need to perform walk-throughs and cleaning, but one management group is your contact point. These rental choices are perfect for people who want a streamlined variety of different properties at anytime of year. Consider the investment and your vacation needs before committing to these clubs.

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From beachside villas to upscale apartments above the city, vacation homes are diverse with similar renting protocols across the nation. Take your time finding and securing these homes for each vacation. You may find a property to return to each year as a family tradition, creating a strong bond between you and the property owner.


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