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On the Road In Maine

We spent much of our time in Maine in the car, getting lost on country roads, enjoying the sea breeze and stopping all along the way. It's the perfect state for driving - discovering little coves, browsing unique shops and poking around in pretty towns in between destinations.

maine lobster BBQ

maine town

maine motorcycle

maine town from bridge

After flying into Portland we drove straight up to Bar Harbor the next day, a three plus hour journey and the only one where we took a regular highway. The roads can be quite crowded in summer and be prepared for plenty of two-lane roads along the way. Even with traffic, however, it's nice to have a vehicle for freedom to explore (thanks to for hosting part of our journey). They are always a pleasure to rent with (our review here).

maine road trip

maine houses

thomastown maine

There's a lot of history in Maine, with perfectly preserved homes and towns. Everywhere we looked there was a little slice of Americana.

maine house perfect

maine road trip

maine road

post office maine

thomastown grocery

Quaint is pretty much the best way to describe it. What we found was old-world charm and friendly, hospitable people all along the way.

maine berries maine_travel-2 maine_travel-3

Stopping for fresh berries is a must, especially in summer...and lobsters, of course!

warren's lobster maine

lobster maine maine-road-13

We kept our eyes peeled for interesting stops along the roadside...

maine gravestone

maine gallery

becky's diner portland

maine park toilet

...and often saw interesting things just from the road...

maine plane

maine moose horns

acadia maine

lumberjack show maine

maine cyclists

maine bridge

maine main street

Do you think you would enjoy Maine?

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I love road trips! Never been to Maine, but we’ve spent a lot of time a little north in Nova Scotia. Beautiful place

9 years ago

Looks awesome! I’m trying to convince my hubby that we need to road trip here in the next few months. Maine and Montana are my two bucket list states.

The lobster and blueberries… brings back good memories of my trip to Maine last summer.

9 years ago

Love to try that road trip. Hope to experience this one day, of course with the kids.

9 years ago

That is interesting that french fries are called chips in Maine. Is that a remnant from the early British settlers?

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