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A Romantic Weekend In San Antonio

It was our third wedding anniversary and we wanted to get away. San Antonio beckoned with its romantic River Walk, rich history and beautifully preserved architecture. Almost 300 years old, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States - a unique blend of the old and the new.

san antonio river walk boat

san antonio building

San Antonio is a completely walkable city but as it was Labor Day weekend, the temperatures were still at least 100°F. We tried to beat the heat by taking guided tours and ducking in and out of air conditioned attractions. We just had to see the famous River Walk so we started our first day on one of the Rio San Antonio Cruises ( boats. These can be picked up at any of the three ticket stations and took us on a 45-minute journey along the San Antonio River.

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The San Antonio River Walk is a five mile-long network of walkways along the river, winding through the downtown area. It's a full story below street level, treating visitors to a picturesque amble alongside shops, bars, restaurants and cafes. The city is currently lengthening the River Walk to 15 miles, which will extend the pathways. The Museum Reach was added in 2009, connecting downtown with the museums, cultural districts and the historic Pearl Brewery in the north. Mission Reach will connect to four of the city's Spanish colonial missions in the southern part of the city. The grand opening celebrations are actually taking place this Saturday, October 5th!

alamo san antonio

Our next stop was The Alamo, Texas's most famous historic site, setting of an epic battle for independence where 189 lives were lost in 1836. Originally named Misión San Antonio de Valero, the Alamo was first a home to missionaries and their Indian converts. In the early 1800's the Spanish military stationed a cavalry unit there, giving the mission its current name, Alamo, which meant "cottonwood" in Spanish, in honor of their hometown Alamo de Parras, Coahuila. It was a significant place during Mexico's battle for independence. When it was time for the Texas Revolution, General Antonio López de Santa Anna (known as "the Napoleon of the West") and his men arrived at the Alamo in February 1836. At this time the volunteers who had been fighting against the Mexican troops were living at the Alamo. They defended it under siege for 13 bloody days before being completely defeated. The cruelty demonstrated in the battle, however, rallied many others to join the Texian Army. They defeated the Mexican Army just a month and a half later, allowing for the formation of the independent Republic of Texas.

tower of the americas

From there we hopped aboard the Alamo Trolley (, which took us on a fully-narrated hop-on, hop-off tour around the historic sites of San Antonio. Our first stop was Hemisfair Park, the site of the 1968 World's Fair. Here we ascended the 622 ft Tower of the Americas for a view from the observation deck and a bit of lunch.

tower of the americas san antonio view

Back on the trolley we decided to just relax a bit and take in the sights. The trolley goes out to Mission San José and Mission Concepción before returning to the downtown area where visitors can explore the King William Historic District, Market Square, San Fernando Cathedral and the Spanish Governor's Palace. We stopped off at La Villita Historic Arts Village, the oldest surviving neighborhood in San Antonio, which is now home to artists, craftsmen and restaurants. We browsed the shops, enjoying unique artwork, pottery,  jewelry and clothing.

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In the evening it was time for our romantic anniversary dinner. We chose Restaurant Gwendolyn because of its wonderful concept: to do everything "old school," meaning before the Industrial Revolution. Shunning motorized equipment and using only perishable ingredients that come from within 150 miles of the restaurant, chef Michael Sohocki keeps the supply chain "small and visible." I applaud this method of food sourcing and preparation and we were eager to try the fresh, seasonal cuisine.

first course restaurant gwendolyn

Pear tomato & purple hull peas, house smoked bacon, red wine & thyme vinaigrette

chefs restaurant gwendolynWe chose the five-course tasting menu, paired with an inspiring wine selection from all over the world. One delicious course came after another and the romantic ambiance of the restaurant allowed us to relax and enjoy each other's company as we dined. All in all, San Antonio was a perfect place to retreat for a romantic weekend.

nicoise salad restaurant gwendolyn

'Nicoise' salad, yellowfin tuna, kalamat, hard-boiled quail egg, anchovy vinaigrette

restaurant gwendolyn dessert

Poached pear, earl grey creme anglaise, pear chip, with a buttermilk biscuit and tomato jam

Many thanks to the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau for your hospitality during our stay.

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7 years ago

You know, in all the places of the world, I probably wouldn’t have put San Antonio at the top (maybe leave that spot for Paris). But, I would love to take that river walk with my husband. It looks very pretty. =)

7 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

It really was lovely, Nicole

7 years ago

This is one of the places I would definitely love to visit. Of course, the place wouldn’t be romantic without my wife with me.

7 years ago
Reply to  Mike Carlson

Definitely a wonderful couple’s spot, Mike

7 years ago

I loved it when I was there too. Happy anniversary. It’s a beautiful River Walk.

7 years ago
Reply to  Charu

Thanks, Charu! =)

7 years ago

Looks like a fun city. Happy anniversary!

7 years ago
Reply to  Emily in Chile

Thanks, Emily! =)

7 years ago

I live here, but I have lived in other places before. San Antonio is one of the most beautiful cities in US. Not only its architecture and style, but the people, very friendly. If you never have been in San Antonio, you need to give it a try!!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Lety

We really enjoyed it, Lety!

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