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Slice of Norge: Summer Price Slash

Hello from John here! I've been on hiatus since we arrived in Norway, but the summer rain has inspired me to get writing again. So this is the first installment in a series where I'll be giving you serious (and some not-so-serious) insight to life in Stavanger.

Did anyone ever tell you that Norway is expensive? Twenty-dollar-boutique-beer-at-the-best-bar-in-town expensive! I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge but at the start of summer that all changed. This is a country where the government is so happy that you stayed to endure the weather instead of heading south, that they'll reward you with a slash in prices...for some things.

kolumbus tilbud

My first example is my transport every day to work on the fun loving Kolumbus. The normal cost of a monthly 'flexipass' is kr 630, however, for the months of June through August it drops to a remarkable kr 400. My next one expires in the middle of August so I'll be curious to find out if I can snag one more 'cheapie' before summer's over.

Every supermarket store has sales, right? I'm always on the lookout for signs saying 'tilbud' when I'm buying bananas, because every penny (ore as they are called here, but actually they've recently abolished them so don't worry) saved is an extra beer I can buy in six months. But during summer, the '3 for 2' sales come out of the woodwork. So we must stock up. But it isn't always easy without a car. Our $80 'old person' trolley-cart-thingie then comes into play to bring the goods back to our household.

norge 3 for 2

Just because we don't have car, doesn't mean I don't keep an eye on what the petrol price is doing. Before summer, I never saw it below kr 15 (that's $2.50) per litre. Now I haven't seen it above fifteen - it usually hangs in the thirteens and fourteens. Granted this is not a huge saving but I'm sure motorists appreciate it nonetheless.

norge petrol

I'm sure there are many more examples but that's what I've come across so far. Getting back to the weather: earlier today I checked the forecast for tomorrow and saw something I haven't seen since we arrived. No it's not sun...just a 100% chance of rain. I like those odds!

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Norway may be towards the top of our travel destinations for next year. Thanks for the great insider tips!

8 years ago

Sure thing – enjoy! =)

8 years ago

I’m glad you guys are finally getting a break on prices! I wonder why they bust out the sales in summer though, since you’d think they would save a little cheer for the depths of winter.

8 years ago
Reply to  Emily in Chile

Thanks Emily. Apparently there’s not much difference (in rainfall, at least) between winter and summer here though!

8 years ago

“Old person trolley” haha! While I lived in Norway I just saw old people using them. In Barcelona however, everyone use them (as most people don’t have a car) and I get that it’s a very handy way to get grocery home! I still just bring my stuff home in shopping bags or backpacks though 🙂
3 for 1 is great, now’s the time to fill the freezer!

8 years ago

It’s the only way to shop if you don’t have a car!

8 years ago

Wow, definitely expensive! We use backpacks for grocery shopping. I have a 30L bag I don’t like for traveling because it doesn’t have enough pockets, but it works great for grocery shopping.

8 years ago
Reply to  Ali

I used one of those in Melbourne, but you have to beware the ‘crush’ factor, especially with fruit!

8 years ago

I’ve never been to Norway, but Denmark was wicked expensive when I was there. Love that you use and old person trolley. 🙂 I had one of those when I was a nanny in Portugal, and it always cracked me up. Sure is handy though! 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Krista

Stavanger is particularly expensive because it’s a boom town. The trolley sure beats lugging bags up the hills of Portugal!

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