South America 2011 Preview

In less than one week we will be on a flight to Santiago to begin our tour of five South American countries. Needless to say, we are really excited about this part of our journey as neither of us has ever been to the continent.  We plan to spend over a month each in Chile and Argentina, about three weeks in Bolivia and Peru and ten days in Uruguay. That’s the rough plan, anyway. A few things are confirmed, however and we just wanted to quickly share them with you.

We will be:

  • Trekking for a week in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park
  • Hiking the Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Attending a fabulous friend’s wedding in Buenos Aires
  • Spending a couple of weeks (at least) in Chile’s lakes district and climbing Volcan Villarica in Pucon
  • Visiting Bariloche, Mendoza, Cordoba, Iguazu Falls, Salta as well as several other smaller towns in Argentina
  • Taking a drive on the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the world’s largest salt lake
  • Exploring Northern Chile
  • Checking out a number of other cities, towns and activities - the unplanned experiences are always the best!

As always, we’ll be posting frequently with photos and stories from the road so you can get current information from each area and go exploring with us. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog via your reader or email. It’s completely free and you’ll receive only our posts (no spam or junk mail).

If any of our readers are going to be around while we're in South America, we'd love to catch up. Drop us a line!

See you across the Pacific!

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12 years ago

What an exciting SA itinerary. Never been – wish I was going, too.

Reply to  Cathy Sweeney

It’s our first time too – can’t wait!!

12 years ago

So exciting! I love Pucon. Volcan Villarica is amazing. Have a fantastic adventure! I look forward to following your travels.

Reply to  Tia

That’s awesome, Tia – thanks! After seeing the volcanoes in New Zealand we want to see more =)

12 years ago

Congrats guys! Best of luck and safe travels, we will be following your adventures. You are right about the unplanned experiences being the best. Our fave surprise in Chile was Chiloe, we loved it there. Cheers!

Reply to  Peter Heck

Thanks so much! Chiloe, eh? Going to go look that up right now =)

12 years ago

Wishing you both a safe journey and looking forward to lots of photos from your hiking adventures.

Thanks so much, Julia. We’ll have plenty of those!

12 years ago

I’m so excited for you both and all the amazing steaks with Malbec that you’ll be enjoying soon 🙂

Reply to  Mel

Thanks, Mel! Cannot wait for that combo =)

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