juice bar amsterdam market

Spring in Amsterdam

We're still waiting for John's work permit to be granted and it's a lot cheaper to live outside of Norway. So we've come back to nearby Amsterdam where springtime is desperately trying to poke its way out of the ground and through the clouds. We've had much less rain than when we were here last time and certainly fewer distractions.

tulips amsterdam


spring in amsterdam

amsterdam shoppingchild on bike amsterdam

A favourite quote from Charlie Chaplin

amsterdam bikefrites with mayo amsterdamjuice bar amsterdam market

mackerel amsterdam

amsterdam cheese market

dutch bike

Amsterdam is looking a lot more like Paris these days. When you look down, anyway. Few people seem to pick up after their pets.


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11 years ago

Great pics! I always wanted to visit the Netherlands in spring.

Thanks, Laura – definitely the perfect time to be there!

Heidi @ Great Family Escape
11 years ago

Beautiful pictures!

Thanks so much, Heidi!

11 years ago

I loved the first photo. Then the second. Then the third made me think “oh, that is so the image of Amsterdam I have in my mind!” And it kept going. Great pics!

Reply to  emilyinchile

Thanks so much, Emily! I love my new camera =)

11 years ago

Every picture brings out the beauty of this city and emphasizes how I need to go there and visit. Everything looks great and the people in the pictures seem to enjoy the season. Amazing shots!

Thanks so much, Alexa! Hope you get to visit someday soon =)

11 years ago

I love Amsterdam in Spring as all the flowers bloom and the city is so colourfuol and amazing! I also love going to the Keukenof Gradens decorated with gorgeous tulips! 

Reply to  FrancyR

We were there just a little too early, I think – April and May are probably the prettiest with everything blooming. But Amsterdam is definitely gearing up for it!

Thank you for working with Straigh To The Point.
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