norway midnight in summer

Summer Nights in Norway

It's kind of cruelly ironic that the daylight hours are so long in the Scandinavian summer while the weather leaves so much to be desired for this time of year. In just a few days the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun will officially begin in the Arctic Circle. And while we're not quite that far north, we're still feeling the effects of perpetual sunlight.

norway midnight in summer

This is what it looks like around midnight at our house. We get up between 5.30 and 6am every day to keep up with the earlybird working hours here in Norway. If we stir around 4-4.30am, this is what it looks like outside again. It's not quite the midnight sun but it's taking some getting used to all the same.

norway midnight daylightWe find we're getting less sleep than usual. I try to use a sleep mask but if I get up in the early morning and see daylight, that's it for me - I'm awake. Even with the blinds drawn we still have sun creeping in around them...might be time to invest in some blackout curtains! I think winter will be even more interesting, with the shorter daylight hours.

midnight Stavanger summer

Midnight in the Stavanger suburbs in summer.

Have you ever travelled to the Arctic Circle in summer to see the Midnight Sun? I would love to see your photos...


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Interesting view of the midnight sun. We’re going to the arctic for the first time in October, too bad we’ll miss this phenomenon.

These shots don’t truly portray the midnight sun, which is technically only able to be viewed from within the Arctic Circle from what I understand. I wonder when the darkness starts…

I LOVED the white nights of Iceland, so I would assume it would feel just as magical in Norway. Thing is, my Icelandic friends say that by December they pretty much sleep all the time, so it all evens out during the year. 🙂

I really wonder what it will be like to have darkness most of the day…at the moment we have our blackout curtains so we’re enjoying the late sun again =)

it took me months last year to adjust to all the light! by the time i adjusted, it was back to normal in norway haha! i was actually kind of excited to miss it this summer with my month long trip to se asia and then a month long in the US, but im kind of missing it right now! when it gets dark at 7pm in thailand i want to scream! gosh i may be turning norwegian more than i believe!!!

Oh no, haha 😉 I can see it being a bit disappointing to be at the beach and have it get dark so early. But we’re on the daily grind schedule and need to be tired by 11pm – just does not happen with all this light!

what an amazing place to view the summer lights! I still haven’t experienced it yet. i think it may just make me a little [more] nutty!

I’m used to my nuttiness – didn’t think that the light probably would amplify it, haha =)

Hi there! This is my favourite thing about Norway, I love the long summer nights! On the other hand, the short days of winter can be tough. (And it is one of the reasons I moved to Spain…) I am from the southern part, but went to the north last summer (for the first time! Traveling in my own country was never first priority!) and I fell in love with the midnight sun. I recommend experiencing it!! There were long white sandy beaches (I couldn’t believe my eyes!), dolphins (!) seals and sun in the middle of the night. Quite… Read more »

This is why I love blogging – great comments like this one! =) You must tell me where you went that you saw all that marine life along with the Midnight Sun – I want to book a trip up north in summer now to see it! We already want to go up there to see the Aurora Borealis in winter but now I want to go in summer as well…

Hi again! I recommend a trip in the summer as well! 🙂 Lofoten is a must, very beautiful. White beaches, turqoise clear waters, green (!) mountains, and that’s where the dolphins were spotted, as well as seals. The lady at the camping site, said they saw dolphins there every day, and also different kinds of whales, really close to the shore. The Vesterålen islands are also very beautiful. Google ‘Bleikstranda’, it’s one of those beautiful white sandy beaches. There are whales, seals etc just there, seen them from the beach (I didn’t see whales unfortunately) or on a whale safari.… Read more »

This all sounds magical – thank you so much for the tips!! =)

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