Five Tips That Will Save You Money On Your Travels

Holidays are a time to relax, but the expensive costs of flights, accommodation and activities can be stressful. Here are five tips that will help you save money while on your travels.

Don’t fall for budget airlines

Some budget airlines will advertise very low prices to attract travelers. However, once you book the flight you will find you are being charged for hidden costs, such as booking fees, credit card fees, air passenger duty, carbon off-setting, insurance, baggage check-in and meals during your flight. These costs can soon add up.

Make sure you shop around online and compare prices of different airlines. It is also worth checking if the flight lands at an out-of-the-way airport, as this will cost additional money to travel into the main city for hotels and activities. If you decide to book with a budget airline, select the option to check-in online. This will reduce check-in fees. Also take a small carry on suitcase to avoid baggage check-in costs and, if you are on a longer flight, bring your own food with you.

Shop around for the best exchange rates

The advertised exchange rates offered at online and high street stores can differ significantly, meaning it is always worth doing a bit of research beforehand. Travelex and The Post Office usually offer a good rate, but it always recommended that you find the best price and service at the time. There are several websites which offer exchange rate comparison which can take the boredom out of your research.

Also, make sure you exchange all the money you think you will need before flying out to your destination. Exchange rates offered at the airport and in other countries can be a rip off, and once you’re out there you don’t really have a choice. Write up a detailed budget before you leave and take a little extra for leeway. If you have extra foreign currency left over on your return then you can always exchange it back.

Rent a phone with a local SIM

Many phone networks will charge their customer roaming fees for using their phone abroad. This means that it can be very costly to call friends and family whilst on your travels. Some companies allow you to rent from a wide range of international cell phone models which work on the GSM system and are fitted with a global SIM card appropriate for your destination. This means that you will avoid roaming fees and won’t have to deal with a huge phone bill on your return.

Book an apartment

If you’re planning on booking a hotel room for a group of people in a prime city location, the costs can soon add up. A great alternative is to find an apartment available for booking in your destination. Although you are responsible for the upkeep, you will have the freedom to lie in as long as you desire and will be able to make all your own meals, which will save on the cost of eating out every night.

There is a huge range of apartments in different countries available to rent. Be sure you do your homework before booking though. Ensure you are situated near good transport connections and nightlife. It is also advised to book through a website which offers a rental guarantee which will reimburse your money should anything go wrong.

Get the right insurance cover

Travel insurance is essential to making sure you are prepared for the worst on holiday. Most policies will vary between £15 and £150, depending on where you are going, how long you are going for and what you will be doing there. For example, if you are going to be participating in extreme sport activities whilst on your travels you will need to pay more. If you are planning on going on two or more holidays in a year then annual cover may be a cheaper option. Make sure you shop around and find the best travel insurance offers before making a decision. If you take out an insurance policy with a greater excess, meaning you agree to pay more towards any claims you make, then your premium will be lower. Also, if you decide to take out insurance with a higher excess then this will discourage you from making claims on small items.

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