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Guest Post: Top 4 Alternative Honeymoon Destinations

After months of stressful planning, the wedding has come and gone, leaving just one important tradition to fulfill: the honeymoon. For some, the decision of where to go is simple; a relaxing and secluded resort on the beaches of the Caribbean or an island in South East Asia. But if you’re hoping for something a little different for your first holiday as a married couple, check out our list of the top four alternative honeymoon destinations for inspiration.

For any couple heading off the beaten track on honeymoon, it’s wise to fully research your destination. This can include researching any inoculations and visas you may require, and the best way to order travel money.

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Rainforest retreat

Perfect for the eco-conscious, adventurous newlyweds, a stay in Borneo’s lush tropical rainforest will provide a truly unforgettable honeymoon. Get closer to the natural world by staying at a nature resort such as the Borneo Tropical Nature Resort, set alongside the Lambir Hills National Park and surrounded by breathtaking wildlife. To combine your eco-adventure with a little downtime, make sure you sample some of Sabah’s pristine beaches.

Tokyo tour

Get far removed from romantic resorts and fellow honeymooners with a trip to Japan’s Tokyo. This thriving metropolis provides the perfect backdrop for adrenaline junkies and urbanites thanks to its cutting edge lifestyle and modern trends. But underneath the action packed surface, there are plenty of opportunities for a little romance with your other half. Spend the day at the beautiful Temples of Asakusa, before making your way over to Tokyo’s riverside for an evening dinner cruise, complete with spectacular views of the city by night.

Road trip romance

Hit the road U.S.A style with an American road trip for two. There are plenty of routes to choose from, each offering their own unique adventure. Out on the open road you’ll certainly feel all the stresses and strains of life at home are miles away, giving you and your partner ample time to enjoy one another’s company in an exciting and beautiful location.

Darling Darjeeling

With the Himalayas as a backdrop and the Dooars Jungle in easy reach, Darjeeling in India offers one of the most varied and beautiful spots for a romantic break. If you’re hoping to get away from it all with just breathtaking nature for company, you’re sure to find the intimacy and seclusion you’re looking for in Darjeeling. Points of interest include Ghoom Buddhist Monastery, the Botanical Garden and the spectacular mountains, not to mention some truly magnificent sunsets.

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9 years ago

This is like the most non-mainstream advice! I like it. Couples spending time through walking around the rainforest is like frugal and you know besides spending time wandering the canals in Venice, we should spend more time with nature. Or actually walking around anywhere in the world with your partner is priceless.

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