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Our Top 5 Posts For 2013

We had some great travel adventures this year, from our time in France to our move to the United States to our Maine and New England road trip. But our most popular posts came from our year in Norway, which must have been as interesting for everyone else as it was for us.

Plans are in the works for some exciting trips in 2014 and we hope you'll continue to join us. In case you missed any of these we're recapping the top five posts by traffic (according to Google Analytics) for the year gone by. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year! We'll be back in January...

5. A Walk In the West Village

We spent some time in New York City at the beginning of the year and readers seemed to like this photo essay of the neighborhood where we stayed.

police call box nyc

4. 15 Things To Do In Lyon, France

Our time in Lyon was fantastic - it's a classic European city, rich in history, culture and cuisine. Here we list 15 activities that no visitor to Lyon should miss.

lyon at night illuminated

3. Visit To a Supermarket in Norway

Foreign grocery stores are fun, aren't they? I always love checking out new products and different foodstuffs from around the world. In this post we took you on a tour of a typical Norwegian supermarket.

caviar supermarket norway

2. Beer In Norway: A Way Of Life

Norwegian beer was simply wonderful and John described his favorite brews in this post, part of his ongoing series on craft beer from around the world.

boogoop beer

1. 30 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Norway

Our number one post of the year was so popular that a couple of fellow bloggers and webmasters decided to scrape it and post it on their own sites without permission. Guess we should take that as a compliment? (official warning: all material on this site, and most blogs on the internet are copyrighted - get permission before you republish content in its entirety) This was a two-part post that Andrea did with Norway-based blogger Megan Starr providing essential things to think about before deciding to relocate to this Scandinavian country.

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7 years ago

Really enjoyed your Lyon article — Lyon was one big surprise to me back in 2011, in a good sense of course! I love the fact that you don´t have to shell out crazy money to eat superb food in this city, not to mention the quality of the food markets..It´s a foodie paradise without question:)

7 years ago

I love your post about 15 things to do in Lyon, France. I’ve been dreaming to visit this place for such a long time, but I haven’t got there yet. This place really amaze me.

7 years ago

Thanks for the info on moving to Norway – I just met two traveling Swedish guys who said “Even we can’t afford Norway” so it was nice to see some practical tips on making the move happen (and enjoying a visit there).

7 years ago

The beer draugh tab picture do not inspire me at all to order a glass of it. The pic is great.

7 years ago

I think your Norwegian supermarket post was the first one I read and I’ve been hooked ever since 🙂 Happy new year!

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