Top 5 Stories From 2011

We wrote 150 blog posts in 2011, but according to Google Analytics, these were the most widely read this year with thousands of page views:

5. Observing Humanity on the Inca Trail

A look at some of the people you might meet along Peru's famous (and difficult) trail.

inca trail peruvian vendors

Both goods and smiles are available along the Inca Trail.

4. Visiting a Dinosaur Excavation in Neuquén

While in Argentina we had the amazing opportunity to visit a real, ongoing excavation site where skeletons from some of the largest dinosaurs that ever roamed the earth are being uncovered.

Lake Barreales Paleontological Centre

Lake Barreales Paleontological Centre

3. Life in the Poison Garden

An interesting garden lurks in the shadows of Blarney Castle. This photo essay features close-ups of the stories about its inhabitants - not a place to let your child or pet wander.

hellebore poison garden blarney

2. Franz Josef vs. Fox Glacier: Which Glacier Hike Should I Choose?

We notice about daily traffic on this post, an excellent resource for anyone looking to explore these incredible glaciers on the South Island of New Zealand's west coast.

franz josef glacier new zealand

The initial ascent on the ice at Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand.

1. Awash in Salt: Photos From the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Our photo essay from these beautiful salt flats in southern Bolivia. To think we only scratched the surface of the land area on our day tour.

salar de uyuni bolivia

Which post did you like best?

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11 years ago

I love the variety- from Gardens to Glaciers. Hope your 2012 is even more adventurous!

Thanks for that! Busy settling into our new life in Norway but hope to still get out and about to a couple of other places this year too =)

Poison Garden! I love crazy stuff like that one… 🙂

Me too! We’ll try to find more crazy for you this year =)

11 years ago

Your Salar de Uyuni photos were some of the best I’ve seen. But I have to say the story of the poison garden near  Blarney Castle was the most intriguing. You guys always have some of the most interesting experiences and you capture them so well. Seems like you had an awesome 2011!

Reply to  Sherry

That is such a beautiful compliment, Sherry – thank you so much! =)

11 years ago

If you could see me now, I’ve turned green with envy at all 5!

Consider yourself bookmarked.

Thanks so much, Jason! Hope you can get to some of these places soon =)

Salar de Uyuni because I cannot wait to get there myself.

Try to do a longer tour than just one day – I think there is so much more to see than we did! =)

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