las vegas at night

Our Top Posts From 2012

It's almost time to say farewell to another blogging year. Just in case you missed them, here are our top 10 highest trafficked posts that were written in 2012:

10. Travel Tip: Buy Your Travel Gear at the Army Surplus Store

We were shocked at how much cheaper quality goods are at our local Army Surplus store compared to the larger outdoor, travel and camping stores.

army surplus store bargains

Our surplus store haul

9. Top 5 Foods Every Visitor to NYC Should Try

Dig in to these five must-eats in New York City, suggested by Laura Siciliano-Rosen, co-founder of the excellent food site, Eat Your World.

Russ and Daughters bagels

Russ and Daughters bagels - photo courtesy of Eat Your World.

8. 7 Reasons to Visit Estonia Today

Tracy Zhang shared seven reasons why this eastern gem should not be missed. We confirmed this ourselves with a visit in September this year.

Tallinn Old Town

7. Our Next Move

Announcing our move to Norway was very exciting and certainly the biggest nomadic event to happen for us this year. This was just a little preview post but turned out to be very popular.

stavanger bridge

Photo by Lvovsky from Flickr.

6. Day Trip To Porvoo From Helsinki

Pretty Porvoo in Finland really captured peoples' hearts.



5. Photography: 7 Super Shots

This meme was very popular among travel bloggers. Seven of my favourite photos from pre-2012.

shangri la view abu dhabi mosque

The view from our balcony at the delightful Shangri-La hotel in Abu Dhabi.

4. Travel Memories: USA Part 3 – Las Vegas

There must be at least a thousand ways to have fun in Las Vegas. We spent a week there and enjoyed quite a few of them.

las vegas at night

3. Finding Work Abroad

If you love to travel, the expat life may be something you want to try. We shared 10 tips to help you find work abroad.

computer work

Photo by cohdra from morgueFile.

2. Just How Expensive is Norway?

Everybody loves a budget piece. Unfortunately in Norway it's nearly impossible to stick to one.

Norwegian krone

Norway's currency: the Norwegian krone - Photo by kjelljoran from Flickr.

1. Travel Memories: Crete and Santorini (or, the story of how we met)

It may not surprise you that John and I met while travelling. I shared the story in this post. I think it's so sweet that it was our readers' favourite for the year!


Just days after meeting, enjoying frappes and gorgeous views in Santorini.

Which post was your favourite?

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8 years ago

I love army surplus stores, we found one in the city a couple of years ago by chance and got our backpacks and plug adapters from there.

8 years ago

I forgot you went to Finland. I’m heading to Helsinki, Porvoo and Tempere in February – a bit colder than when you went but I need to go back and look at your recommendations.

8 years ago

Great round up of posts. What a year you two had. I love how a food post is near the top. Food is always so popular, we love to eat don’t we! That post on the army surplus is cool, I used to live at the Army Surplus store when we lived in Vancouver in the 90’s. You’ve inspired me to go back to check them out again!

8 years ago
Reply to  Deb

Food is definitely a highlight of travel for me!! =)

8 years ago

Nice round up! I love that Abu Dhabi photo, gorgeous!

A great year!…Cheers to an even better one in 2013!

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