Gone Trekkin'

This week we're completely unplugged and taking in the sights at one of Chile's most famous parks: Torres del Paine.

This will be the first time in I don't know how long that I've been away from the internet for so many days.

Sad, I know.

We'll be back next week with all the photos from this spectacular place. We'll be in Argentina all April and most of May so stay tuned for plenty of posts from there. In the meantime, check out our article on GotSaga about our five favourite destinations so far.

I'll leave you with some of John's photos from the lovely Zapato Amarillo in Puerto Octay (the volcano is Volcan Osorno). Have a great week, everyone!

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11 years ago

I really enjoyed your blog, beautiful and interesting! I found your list of your top 5 travel destinations especially interesting. As a fellow traveller I am sometimes overwhelmed with the continously growing list of places to visit. As a result, I find top lists very helfpful. Thanks for the post!

Reply to  Danielle S

Thanks so much, Danielle. We’re overwhelmed as well – so many places to see and so little time and money!

11 years ago

Love the photo of the clouds. Havent gone trekkin’ in a long time. Sorry about the terrible weather but the photos came out wonderful.

Reply to  Bluegreen Kirk

Thanks so much, Kirk. The clouds here have been specatular. Today we were in El Chalten, Argentina and the wind was so strong it was pushing the clouds against Mt. Fitz Roy at such a velocity that it looked like it was smoking. Incredible!

11 years ago

Enjoy TDP, I am certain you will love it!! It’s always nice to unplug and recharge. Beautiful photos!

Reply to  Peter Heck

Well, we didn’t have the greatest weather…more on that in our next post, haha =)

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