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Guest Post: Five Things You Never Knew About Tunisia

tunisia travel

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Tunisia is an increasingly popular destination for holidaymakers. It boasts stunning beaches as well as great options for resorts, desert adventure and bustling cities. For most holidaymakers the lure of the heat and the chance to while away lazy days on the beach or by the pool are the real draws of a Tunisia holiday. However, the country has much more than that. Here are five things you never knew about Tunisia.

1. History

Tunisia has a long and interesting history. Of course it’s possible to read up on this before you go, but what better way than experiencing it for yourself with a trip to one of the many historical sites found in the country? Many of these ancient sites date back thousands of years with absolute must sees include Carthage and the magnificent Roman amphitheatre at El Jem.

2. Spas

Tunisia is famous for thalassotherapy spas which offer a range of treatments using hot seawater. Many of the major hotels have these spas ensuring that not only will you be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the country at the beachside resorts; you can also be pampered with traditional methods.

3. Food

If you haven’t been to Tunisia on holiday it’s unlikely you’ll have sampled Tunisian cuisine at home. Away from the hotels you’ll be able to enjoy gourmet restaurants in Tunis or stylish pavement cafes in many of the resorts. To really get an idea of what traditional Tunisian cuisine is all about though you should try many of the options from street food vendors. Popular local dishes include brik, which is a lightly cooked egg wrapped in filo pastry. So, go on – dig in!

4. Golf

Contrary to popular belief, Tunisia isn’t all sand. There’s a great choice of green fairways too for those golfing enthusiasts. The top spots for teeing off include Hammamet, Monastir/Skanes and Tabarka.

5. Festivals

If you travel to Tunisia in December you’ll be able to experience authentic Sahara traditions during the International Douz Festival. These include camel racing, magic shows and nomadic dancing. If you’re not able to go in December, don’t worry; main towns host lively weekly markets where you can really experience life in Tunisia.

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10 years ago

This certainly isn’t what we hear about Tunisia on the news today.  Thanks for letting us know that it’s still a great travel destination, despite its recent troubles.

10 years ago

I agree with Krista! I didn’t know a single thing to begin with. I am down to travel most places in Africa (or the world really), but the author presents a very intriguing case here.  🙂

10 years ago

You could’ve told me ANYTHING about Tunisia and it would’ve been something I didn’t know. 🙂 Thank you for introducing me to this interesting country. I had no clue it was a tourist destination, but after your description I can sure see why. 🙂

Reply to  Krista

I had no idea either – we haven’t made it to Africa yet but we’re constantly learning about new destinations there…

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