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best travel headphones

What are the best travel headphones?

The best travel headphones will isolate outside noise while providing a great listening experience.

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Use InRoute App to track your roadtrip and favourite stops

A to Z of a USA road trip

The story of a one-month long trip across the USA, covering 18 states by car.

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interior De Haus

Januari Brussels Travel Massive

Last week, the 3rd Brussels Travel Massive took me to a part of Brussels that I rarely visit: Elsene

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How to conquer your fears and start traveling

How fears can hold us back from seeing the world and what you can do to eliminate them.

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location independent living

When We Can’t Wander As Much As We’d Like

Are you building the life of your dreams or simply dreaming about it?

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How Languages Can Transform Your Travel Experiences…and Your Life

Planning a trip to a foreign land? Planning to pick up the local language is the best thing you can do to enhance your travel experience.

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weather delays usa

What To Expect During a Weather Delay In the USA

What to do when bad weather foils your travel plans.

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airline food

Travel With Dietary Requirements

How I’m dealing with travel and my new dietary restrictions.

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