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How to conquer your fears and start traveling

How fears can hold us back from seeing the world and what you can do to eliminate them.

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location independent living

When We Can’t Wander As Much As We’d Like

Are you building the life of your dreams or simply dreaming about it?

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How Languages Can Transform Your Travel Experiences…and Your Life

Planning a trip to a foreign land? Planning to pick up the local language is the best thing you can do to enhance your travel experience.

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weather delays usa

What To Expect During a Weather Delay In the USA

What to do when bad weather foils your travel plans.

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airline food

Travel With Dietary Requirements

How I’m dealing with travel and my new dietary restrictions.

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Why You Should Plan Your Next Getaway On a Boat

Leave all your worries on land far behind and charter a boat for your next adventure. Here are some tips and suggestions on where to go.

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xcom travel router

Stay Connected When You Travel With Your Own WiFi

XCom Global offers personal wireless internet access in 175 countries, making it the perfect solution for travellers who have to stay connected.

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Nissan rental car

Comparing Car Rental Companies For the Best Deal

Search 50 different providers at once for the best deals on car rental with

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